All of the Mon Calamari Jedi: Admiral Ackbar’s Species

Mon Calamari Jedi

Mon Calamari Jedi, members of Admiral Ackbar’s species, are quite rare in Star Wars. The Mon Calamari are a bipedal, aquatic species native to the oceanic planet Mon Cala. Most comfortable underwater, members of the species have large, protruding eyes along with webbed hands and flipper-like feet. Most known Mon Calamari Jedi are active around … Read more

Australia Lightsaber Sellers and Artisans You Should Know About

Australia lightsaber sellers

Australia lightsaber sellers offer quite an assortment of designs. If you live in Australia, buying lightsabers locally from fellow Australia-based sellers may be easier that shopping aboard. Whether you live in Australia or not, though, you won’t want to miss some of the unique, and rarely produced hilt designs featured below. Let’s explore the intriguing … Read more

12 Astonishing Jedi Cameos and Celebrity Look-a-Likes in Star Wars

The Star Wars franchise features a surprising number of Jedi cameos and celebrity look-a-likes in films, television shows, and comic books (and at least one cameo that didn’t come to pass). Read on to see if you can name all 12. 1. Jedi Master Shon Kon Ray First Appearance: comic book Jedi: Shaak Ti (2003) … Read more

Jedi Killed By Darth Vader: Their Ultimate Tragic Fates

Darth Vader vs. Jedi

Sith Lord Darth Vader personally killed dozens, if not hundreds of Jedi after his fall to the dark side. Although Darth Vader hunts down many of the Jedi himself, some of the Jedi actually attempt to ambush him as well (alas, to no avail). Let’s explore the Jedi killed by Darth Vader and how their … Read more

Gella Nattai Lightsabers (High Republic) | Lightsaber Profile

Gella Nattai Lightsabers

Gella Nattai lightsabers are a pair of single-bladed purple lightsabers wielded by Jedi Knight Gella Nattai. Gella Nattai is a High Republic era human female Jedi Knight. After initially serving the Jedi Order, she leaves the Order and becomes a Wayseeker. Wayseekers are Jedi who operate independently of the Jedi Order. Gella Nattai Lightsabers in … Read more

Most Powerful Female Sith in Star Wars

female Sith

Female Sith are not terribly common within Star Wars, nevertheless some powerful examples do exist. The Sith are individuals dedicated to exploring the sinister dark side of the Force. Anger, hate, and greed are some of the driving emotions behind a Sith’s actions. Let’s explore 8 of the most powerful female Sith in Star Wars. … Read more

Green Jedi: The Mysterious Group of Old Republic Jedi

The Green Jedi are an enclave of Corellian Jedi who operate in the Corellian Sector of the Core Words. Members of the group are known to wear green robes and articles of clothing, denoting their fierce loyalty to their homeworld. When given the choice, many of the enclave’s Jedi prioritize loyalty to Corellia over loyalty … Read more

All of the Lasat Jedi: Zeb and Jaro Tapal’s Species

Lasat Jedi in Star Wars

Lasat Jedi are rare in Star Wars. Lasats are a tall, physically strong and agile humanoid species. Lasats have strong legs and large fingers and toes making them fast runners, nimble jumpers, and excellent climbers. They have excellent sight and hearing as well due to their large eyes and large, pointed ears as well. Early … Read more

All of the Chiss Jedi: Grand Admiral Thrawn’s Species

Chiss Jedi

Chiss Jedi are extremely rare in Star Wars. Chiss, the blue-skinned humanoid species of the legendary tactician Grand Admiral Thrawn, originate from the planet Csilla. They feature blue-black hair and glowing red eyes. According to Star Wars Canon, Force-sensitivity among Chiss is very rare, limited in scope, and fleeting over time. No Chiss Jedi exist … Read more