Jedi Killed By Darth Vader: Their Ultimate Tragic Fates

Sith Lord Darth Vader personally killed dozens, if not hundreds of Jedi after his fall to the dark side. Although Darth Vader hunts down many of the Jedi himself, some of the Jedi actually attempt to ambush him as well (alas, to no avail). Let’s explore the Jedi killed by Darth Vader and how their met their tragic ends.

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1. Jedi Master Eeth Koth

Jedi Master Eeth Koth, a Zabrak male individual, serves on the Jedi Council during the waning years of the Republic. He is present when the Council decides to allow Anakin Skywalker to train as a Jedi. Koth survives the deadly First Battle of Geonosis, the initial battle of the Clone Wars. He later escapes General Grievious’ captivity as well. After his forced to step down from the Jedi Council, Koth decides to leave the Jedi Order. He eventually marries a Zabrak woman named Mira.

Due to his leaving the Jedi Order, Koth manages to escape death during the early stages of the Great Jedi Purge. Darth Vader and group of Inquisitors track down the former Jedi Council member, however. Vader ultimately defeats Koth in a lightsaber duel.

Around the time of Koth’s death, Inquisitors forcibly take Koth’s newborn daughter from the arms of Mira. The child’s capture is part of the Empire’s plot to kidnap Force sensitive children and turn them into loyal dark side agents of the Empire. Although Mira manages to escape, hoping one day to reunite with kidnapped child. The fates of Mira and her kidnapped child are unknown.

2. Jedi Cere Junda

Jedi Knight Cere Junda trains Trilla Sunduri as her Jedi apprentice during the final years of the Galactic Republic. During the early stages of the Great Jedi Purge, the Empire captures and tortures both Jedi. Sunduri falls to the dark side of the Force and becomes an Inquisitor. Although Junda manages to escape captivity, her grief and guilt prompt her to sever her connection with the Force.

Over time, Junda comes to terms with past and restores her connection with the Force. She spends some time mentoring Cal Kestis. She takes on a secret mission to restore the Jedi Order, working together with her former master Eno Cordova to preserve the Jedi Archives. Vader confronts her during an Imperial assault on the Jedi Archives. When he remarks she has grown stronger, she responds that she’s simply let go of her fear. In the final moments of the battle, Junda knocks Vader down. Leaping toward him for a killing strike, Vader moves her blade slightly before impaling her with his own lightsaber.

Jedi Knight Cal Kestis finds Junda, cradling her in his arms. Her last works are “Cal” and “Trilla”.

3. Cin Drallig (Legends)

In his early years, Cin Drallig trains as the Jedi apprentice of Grand Master Yoda. A skilled and accomplished Jedi Master, Drallig serves as both the Chief of Security and Battlemaster of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant during the Clone Wars. His vital duties include leading the Jedi Temple Guard, the secretive guardians of the Jedi Temple. As Battlemaster he also trains Jedi in lightsaber combat.

During the enactment of Order 66, the 501st Legion of clone troopers, under the command of the Sith Lord Darth Vader, raid the Jedi Temple. Drallig, who is considered one of the greatest lightsaber duelists in the Jedi Order, confronts Darth Vader. Vader, formerly Anakin Skywalker, duels Drallig one-handed while choking a Jedi Padawan. Like many Jedi, Drallig fails to defeat the Sith Lord and perishes.

Cin Drallig is portrayed by Nick Gillard, the Prequel Trilogy stunt coordinator, in the film Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. The character’s name is the stunt coordinator’s name spelled backwards (leaving out the letter ‘K’ from Nick).

The fact the Sith Lord Darth Vader defeats a legendary lightsaber duelist of the era demonstrates how powerful Vader has become.

Jedi Master Cin Drallig is the Jedi Battlemaster and Chief of Security at the Jedi Temple

4. Jedi Knight Sha Koon (Legends)

If her last name looks familiar, that’s because Sha Koon is the niece of Jedi Council Member Plo Koon! The pair share a deep telepathic bond. She serves the Jedi Order, ascending to the rank of Jedi Knight around the time of the Clone Wars.

Koon fights for the Jedi Order and the Republic during the Clone Wars. Koon, her Padawan Baylis Achan, and a regiment of clone troopers are tasked with taking back the planet Giju from the Separatists. The battle kills her Padwan and wipes out her entire command. Considering the battle entirely unnessary, Koon refuses to continue fighting in the war.

During the enactment of Order 66, Sha Koon is doing research in the Jedi Archives on Coruscant. She feels the death of her uncle Plo Koon at the hands of his own clone troopers, causing her lose consciousness. When she comes to, she witnesses the Republic’s 501st Legion attacking the Jedi Temple. She also sees the former Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, now known as Darth Vader, kill a Jedi. Realizing he is now a Sith Lord, Koon escapes through secret passageways under the Temple.

In 19 BBY, Darth Vader confronts Koon in the underlevels of the Jedi Temple. She sees the individual behind the mask is former Jedi Anakin Skywalker. They engage in a lightsaber duel. Vader claims that Koon is the last of the Jedi. Reinvigorated, the Jedi Knight manages to slash Vader in the chest with a lightsaber strike. The Sith Lord counters by Force choking her and impaling her with the lightsaber.

In her dying moments, Sha Koon experiences a powerful Force vision of the future. She sees Vader killing the Emperor and redeeming himself. She also sees Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa rebuilding the Jedi Order. The vision of hope allows Sha Koon to die in peace.

5. Jedi Master Kirak Infil’a

One of Vader’s more formidable opponents, Kirak Infil’a, a Jedi Master, serves the Jedi Order around the High Republic era into the waning years of the Republic. He eventually takes the Barash Vow. The oath requires a Jedi to focus entirely on the Force and disengage with anything else including the Jedi Order itself. He lives in seclusion and hones his skills with Arex, a Jedi training droid.

Although his seclusion helps him avoid initial death during the early stages of the Great Jedi Purge, the success is short lived. When Vader finds the Jedi Master, the pair engage in a contentious battle during which Infil’a utilizes strategy and Force powers he’d be honing over the years. The Jedi blasts Vader off the cliff, assuming the Sith Lord is dead.

The Jedi Master and Sith Lord engage in one final battle atop a dam next to a populated city. When Vader breaks a water tank to flood the city, the compassionate Infil’a uses the Force to slow the flow. While Infil’a is distracted, Vader takes Infil’a’s curved-hilt lightsaber and Force chokes the Jedi. Infil’a pleads for Vader to spare lives of the citizens of the city. Vader ruthlessly breaks additional water tanks flooding the city. The Sith Lord then kills the Jedi Master.

Darth Vader bleeds the kyber crystal in Kirak Infil’a’s lightsaber, turning the lightsaber blade from green to red. The curved-hilt lightsaber becomes Vader’s first red lightsaber. Although a subsequent battle nearly destroys the the lightsaber, Vader salvages the red kyber crystal and installs it in a new hilt that he builds himself.

6. Unidentified Jedi Younglings at the Jedi Council Chamber

In the immediate aftermath of the enactment of Order 66, a small group of Jedi younglings hide behind the Jedi Council Member chairs in the Jedi Council Chamber. The younglings come out from their hiding places when a familiar face enters the room. “Master Skywalker,” one human male youngling says. “there are too many of them. What are we going to do?”

Unbeknownst to the younglings, their ally Jedi Anakin Skywalker has turned to the dark side and become the Sith Lord Darth Vader. Vader wordlessly ignites his blue lightsaber and dispatches the very children who thought he would help them.

Darth Vader’s killing of the Jedi younglings in the Temple provides an infamous early example of the Sith Lord’s merciless cruelty. When Padmé Amidala learns of the incident, she confronts the individual now known as Vader on the lava planet Mustafar in order to discover the truth. Heartbroken, she quickly sees that her beloved husband has indeed turned to the dark side.

A short time later she gives birth to twin Luke and Leia and then dies shortly afterwards. Asserting that there is nothing medically wrong with her, a medical droid states that she has lost the will to live.

7. Jedi Master An’ya Kuro (Legends)

An’ya Kuro, also known as the Dark Woman, serves the Jedi Order during the last years of the Republic. She journeys throughout the galaxy, searching for Force sensitive children that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. One such child that she discovers is future Jedi Council member Ki-Adi-Mundi. Kuro also finds another child. Kuro trains her, using unorthodox, yet effective methods, as her Jedi apprentice. Pirates kidnap the child, however, and tell the young woman that the Jedi sold her to them. Believing the lie, the child grows into adulthood hating Jedi.

Kuro goes into self imposed exile following the loss of her apprentice. When she returns to Coruscant 12 years later, the Jedi Council asks her to find her former apprentice. Her former apprentice, now known as Aurra Sing, has become a notorious Jedi killer and bounty hunter. When Kuro declines, the Jedi Council sends Jedi Ki-Adi-Mundi, A’Sharad Hett, and Adi Gallia instead.

An’ya Kuro operates as a Jedi spy during the Clone Wars. As a result of her covert operations, she manages to avoid death during the early stages of the Great Jedi Purge. She goes into hiding from the Empire and the Sith.

Emperor’s Hand Mara Jade discovers Kuro’s location, however, in 1 ABY. The Emperor dispatches Darth Vader to her location. The pair engage in a lightsaber duel. The Sith Lord ultimately strikes her down with his lightsaber.

Kuro dies during the duel. As a Force ghost An’ya Kuro tells Vader that he is still capable of turning back to the light side and becoming Anakin Skywalker again. Vader responds by futilely striking her Force ghost in anger with his lightsaber blade. Kuro becomes one with the Force.

Jedi Master An'ya Kuro

8. Jedi Master Kai Huddora (Legends)

During the Clone Wars Jedi Master Kai Huddora, a Bothan individual, serves as a Jedi General of the Grand Army of the Republic. During the final days of the war, he undertakes a mission to Toola, a frozen world in the Outer Rim Territories. Under the command of Jedi Master Simms, Republic forces successfully defeat the Separatists in battle. In the moments following the enactment of Order 66, however, the clone troopers turn and attack the Jedi. Simms sacrifices herself, telling her Padawan and Kai Huddora to flee. Both successfully escape and part ways.

Following old advice that a Force user could make a good living as a gambler, Huddora eventually works his way up to becoming the owner of The Lucky Twi’lek, a casino on the planet Kestavel. Dass Jennir and Beyghor Sahdett, both former Jedi, arrive to propose a plot to assassinate the Sith Lord Darth Vader. Huddora and Jennir both sense Sahdett’s betrayal, however, and attack him with lightsabers. Defeated, Sahdett admits he has betrayed the Jedi and become an agent for the Sith. He also says Vader will arrive on the planet soon.

Huddora plots to ambush Vader upon his arrival. He drugs Jennir’s wine so that he will miss the confrontation. When Vader arrives, Huddora attempts to activate a thermal detonator to destroy both of them. Vader uses the Force, however, to prevent the weapon from activating. The Sith Lord then throws his lightsaber at Huddora, severing the Jedi’s lightsaber hand. Vader demands Huddora tell him the location of the other Jedi, Jennir. When Huddora refuses, Vader impales the Jedi through the chest.

Jedi Dass Jennir survives the ordeal. In addition to killing Huddora, Vader also kills Beyghor Sahdett.

9. Jedi Master Jocasta Nu

Jedi Master Jocasta Nu, human female individual, serves as the Chief Librarian of the Jedi Archives on Coruscant. She is active during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. At some point in her earlier years she had held a seat on the Jedi Council. Nu manages to escape death during the initial enactment of Order 66 and the Great Jedi Purge. Like many survivors, she and goes into hiding.

While in hiding, Nu develops a covert school on a hidden world filled with Jedi artifacts and holocrons with Nu’s knowledge. Meanwhile, she undertakes a dangerous mission to Coruscant in search of a hidden holocron containing a kyber memory crystal with a list of every Force-sensitive child recorded by the Jedi Order. Not wanting the list to fall into Imperial hands, Nu could also use the list to find prospective students for her school.

After successfully recovering the holocron from the Jedi Temple, Nu and the Grand Inquisitor engage in a heated confrontation. Darth Vader reminds the Jedi hunter that the Emperor wants Jedi Librarian alive. She has vast knowledge of the Jedi Order. Nu manages to flee and assemble a lightsaber rifle, a powerful lightsaber-powered weapon capable of producing a destructive energy beam. She fires the weapon at Vader several times before it fails and he defeats her. Vader acquires the holocron and strikes her down his lightsaber.

Vader lies to the Emperor about Nu’s death, stating that Nu died while trying to escape. Vader also secretly destroys the holocron in order to prevent the Emperor from recruiting more Sith. Many years later Luke Skywalker find’s Jocasta Nu’s hidden school and archives while attempting to rebuild the Jedi Order.

10. Jedi Master Kai Justiss (Legends)

Jedi Master Kai Justiss serves the Jedi Order during the last years of the Galactic Republic. He travels extensively throughout the galaxy as a Jedi. In his early years as a Jedi, he helps the Wookiees thwart a plot to destabilize their society on Kashyyyk. Justiss fights in the First Battle of Geonosis. He is one of the few Jedi survivors of the first battle of the Clone Wars.

He undertakes many missions during the Clone Wars. At one point the Jedi Order appoints him as Watchman of Kashyyyk, replacing Grand Master Yoda. he manages to escape death during the enactment of Order 66. He successfully evades Imperial intelligence and lives as a fugitive for nearly 20 years. Justiss goes to Garqi, an agriworld, around 0 BBY. On the planet some of the locals betray Justiss. A group of bounty hunters find Justiss, defeat him in battle, and take him captive. He enters Imperial custody. Imperials present Justiss to Darth Vader on the Death Star. The Sith Lord promptly kills Kai Justiss.

Artist Joe Corroney created the character Kai Justiss. Justiss is based on the appearance of Corroney’s friend and fellow artist Justin Chung.

Shortly after Kai Justiss’ death, Luke Skywalker destroys the Death Star.

Jedi Master Kai Justiss

11. Kessel Ambush: Darth Vader vs. 8 Jedi

In the aftermath of the early stages of the Great Jedi Purge, several Jedi survivors begins to secretly communicate with each other. Jedi Master Shadday Potkin arranges a meeting of Jedi on the planet Kessel. Knowing that Vader wanted to find Obi-Wan Kenobi, Potkin leaks the details of the impending meeting to the Galactic Empire. Intentionally lying that Kenobi would be present at the meeting, Potkin attempts to lure Vader to the meeting alone.

Shadday Potkin and seven other Jedi meet as planned on Kessel. When they begin to discuss the future of the Jedi, the group members disagree. Finding a consensus becomes immediately challenging. Then Vader bursts in, demanding Kenobi. In response Sia-Lan Wezz charges at the Sith Lord. He dispatches her with his lightsaber.

The remaining seven Jedi work together to fight Vader. The Jedi use a combination of methods to fight the Sith Lord. Potkin wields a cortosis blade, capable of disabling a lightsaber. Jedi fight him with lightsabers and by using the Force. They manage to strike him multiple times with lightsaber cuts and severely injure him and even bury him in rubble. When it appears that the Sith Lord is close to defeat, the 501st stormtrooper legion arrives and defeats all of the remaining Jedi.

Jedi killed during the ambush include: Koffi Arana, Tsui Choi, Roblio Darté, Jastus Farr, Ma’kis ‘shaalas, Shadday Potkin, Bultar Swan, Sia-Lan Wezz. Vader killed four of the Jedi personally and one of the Jedi with assistance from stormtroopers. Stormtroopers killed two of the Jedi. Finally, Koffi Arana killed Bultar Swan in order to take her lightsaber to fight Vader.

Vader is severely injured following the ambush, requiring treatment and repairs to his suit and helmet. Although Emperor Palpatine admonishes Vader for disobeying him, the Emperor uses the event as propaganda to bolster Vader’s notorious reputation in the Empire. Palpatine circulates rumors exaggerating the battle, saying Vader single-handedly tracked down and defeated 50 Jedi traitors.

Jedi ambush Darth Vader on Kessel

Full List of Jedi Killed by Darth Vader (Timeline Order)

There are at least 47 documented cases of Jedi killed by Vader. He most likely has killed more, however. Here is a list of all of the know Jedi killed by Darth Vader in Star Wars Canon and Legends content.

19 BBY
Cin Drallig (Jedi Battlemaster and Chief of Security at the Jedi Temple)
Kirak Infil’a
Serra Keto
Jocasta Nu (Chief Librarian of the Jedi Order)
Sors Bandeam
5 younglings (unidentified)
Kento Marek’s master (unidentified)
Bol Chatak
Dama Montalvo
Sia-Lan Wezz
Shadday Potkin
Koffi Arana
Tsui Choi (killed with assistance from the 501st stormtrooper legion)
Sha Koon (Jedi Knight, niece of Jedi Council member Plo Koon)
2 Jedi (unidentified)
Cho’na Bene
Beyghor Sahdett (fallen Jedi, agent of the Empire)
Kai Hudorra
Siadem Forte
Iwo Kulka
Jambe Lu
Nam Poorf
Klossi Anno
Roan Shryne

18 BBY
Ferren Barr (fallen Jedi seeking to avenge the Jedi Order)
Kento Marek

Cere Junda (Cal Kestis’ master)

2–1 BBY
Halagad Ventor

3 Unidentified Jedi
Tao’s Master (unidentified)

19–1 BBY
Aiden Bok

1–0 BBY
An’ya Kuro (Jedi spy)

Kai Justiss
Obi-Wan Kenobi

1–3 ABY

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