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Jawa’s Junkyard Lost Soul lightsaber has been unveiled. The ornately-designed custom saber is inspired by the Dagan Gera lightsaber from the single-player video game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Jawa’s Junkyard offers Lost Soul as an empty hilt intended for display or for accepting an electronics installation. The company began accepting pre-orders for Lost Soul in mid October 2023.

Jawa’s Junkyard (Etsy) https://www.etsy.com/shop/jawasJunkyardCustoms affiliate link

Jawa's Junkyard Lost Soul lightsaber
Jawa’s Junkyard Lost Soul Lightsaber | IMAGE Jawa’s Junkyard

The Lost Soul hilt is a stainless steel construction with etched accents and thin-film coating (PVD) of gunmetal gray and brass. Hilt includes two built-in plastic switch plungers. Blade holder accepts a 7/8 inch diameter blade (not included). Internal diameter (ID) measures 28 mm. Jawa’s Junkyard offers a coupler to connect two hilts together. Simply purchase two single hilts from the seller and the company will include a coupler for free. Hilt arrives inside a sleek collector’s box.

In Star Wars Canon, Jedi Master Dagan Gera constructs an ornately-designed split lightsaber during the High Republic era. The lightsaber, which emits a yellow blade, may be wielded as a singled-bladed lightsaber or as a double-bladed lightsaber staff. At some point Gera goes into stassis until Cal Kestis revives him over two centuries later.

Jawa’s Junkyard (Etsy) https://www.etsy.com/shop/jawasJunkyardCustoms affiliate link
Jawa’s Junkyard https://www.jawasjunkyard.com

Australia based Jawa’s Junkyard specializes in limited runs of niche character inspired lightsaber hilts and several mashup lightsaber designs as well.

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