Green Jedi: The Mysterious Group of Old Republic Jedi

The Green Jedi are an enclave of Corellian Jedi who operate in the Corellian Sector of the Core Words. Members of the group are known to wear green robes and articles of clothing, denoting their fierce loyalty to their homeworld. When given the choice, many of the enclave’s Jedi prioritize loyalty to Corellia over loyalty … Read more

Silver Lightsaber Blade Color Meaning and History in Star Wars

A silver lightsaber is a rare lightsaber blade color. In Star Wars Legends, a silver-bladed lightsaber is often created using Durindfire crystal, a rare lightsaber crystal from the planet Tatooine.

Solo’s Hold Corran Horn Lightsaber Full Review | Speeder Bike Handle

Solo's Hold Corran Horn Marverick lightsaber

This is a Solo’s Hold Corran Horn lightsaber. It’s sometimes referred to as ‘Maverick’. The Corran Horn lightsaber was limited edition and is out of production. Corran Horn inspired lightsabers have developed a cult following among lightsaber enthusiasts due to popularity of the Corran Horn character (who is now part of Star Wars Legends) as … Read more

Rancor Tooth Lightsabers and Beyond: An Interview with Starfall Sabers

Starfall Sabers Rancor tooth lightsaber

What do lightsabers, a rancor tooth and Freddie Prinze Jr have in common? Starfall Sabers, of course (more on Freddie Prince Jr later)! Custom lightsaber company Starfall Sabers, created by Nick Cohen, is most well-known for selling an eye-catching custom Rancor Tooth lightsaber [Etsy affiliate link]. Starfall Sabers also makes popular custom Corran Horn and … Read more