Silver Lightsaber Blade Color Meaning and History in Star Wars

A silver lightsaber is a rare lightsaber blade color. In Star Wars Legends, a silver-bladed lightsaber is often created using Durindfire crystal, a rare lightsaber crystal from the planet Tatooine. The crystal adds a silver sheen a lightsaber blade.

Corran Horn wields a dual-phase, silver-bladed lightsaber in Star Wars Legends. Silver lightsabers do not currently exist in the Star Wars Canon. White lightsabers, which emit a visually similar blade color, do exist in Star Wars Canon, however.

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Corran Horn, (left), Alema Rar (middle) and Kierian Halcyon all wield silver lightsabers in Star Wars Legends | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Disney

Silver Lightsabers in Star Wars Legends

Silver-bladed lightsabers are commonly constructed using a Durindfire crystal in Star Wars Legends. Originating from the planet Tatooine, the Durindfire crystal is a rare and valuable gem. The Galactic Empire extracted and sold some Durindfire crystals of Tatooine origin in order to help finance the building of the Death Star.

The Halcyon/Horn family, a notable family of Jedi from Corellia, traditionally use the Durindfire crystal in their lightsabers. The family follows different customs from the Jedi Order. For example, the Halcyon/Horn family Jedi would often choose to get married and have kids. The family also generally limits their peacekeeping activities to Corellian space. Keiran Halcyon and Corran Horn are notable Halcyon/Horn wielders of silver lightsabers.

Additionally, Alema Rar, a Twi’lek Jedi Knight in the New Jedi Order, constructs and wields a silver-bladed lightsaber before falling to the dark side. Players of the 2004 video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II (KOTOR II) may wield a silver lightsaber as well.

Silver Lightsabers in Real Life

Lightsaber enthusiasts will often use the term ‘silver lightsaber’ and ‘white lightsaber’ interchangeably. Custom saber company Ultrasabers calls their white-bladed lightsaber adegan silver, for example.

Silver Lightsaber Color Theory

A silver lightsaber blade may connote neutrality, elegance, calming, and a balance between white and black

List of Silver Lightsaber Wielders

Star Wars Canon
• None (as of 2/10/2020)

Star Wars Legends
Keiran Halcyon
• Nejaa Halcyon
• Corran Horn
• Alema Rar
• players may wield a silver lightsaber in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II video game (2004)

Image depicts various silver lightsaber wielders

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