Ultrasabers Lightsaber Blade Colors Explained: Red, Blue, Green and Beyond

Ultrasabers currently offers 13 different lightsaber blade colors, including 5 standard blade colors and 8 premium blade colors. The company offers a brighter TRI CREE LED version of 6 of the blade colors as well.

Let’s take a closer look at the standard and premium Ultrasabers lightsaber blade color options. Consider that blade colors look different in photos and videos than they do in real life. Additionally, each person perceives color a bit differently with their own eyes.

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screenshot of Ultrasabers blade color drop-down menu
screenshot of Ultrasabers blade color drop-down menu | IMAGE CREDIT Ultrasabers


Ultrasabers standard blade colors include some of the most common and popular lightsaber blade colors. Standard blade colors use a single LED diode to create the blade color.
Guardian Blue
Fire Orange
Consular Green
Blazing Red
Adegan Silver (white) [may add color discs as an upgrade]


Ultrasabers upgrade blade colors use multicolor RGB LEDs, combining two diodes to form the blade color. Blade colors incur an upgrade fee.
Violet Amethyst (purple)
Arctic Blue (looks whiter than Guardian Blue)
Sunrider’s Destiny (teal or a blue green color)


Ultrasabers used to refer to a set of additional premium blade colors as Ultrasabers Forum colors. Forum colors were only listed in the Ultrasabers forums, saberforum.com, and were intended as additional blade color options for saberforum members only. In other words, forum only colors were sort of a secret menu item. The ‘forum colors’ are now listed in the ‘Choose the color of your blade!’ drop-down menu during ordering.
Hot Pink
Sentinel Yellow (more of a ‘golden’ yellow)
Bane’s Heart (darker pink or magenta)
Blue Violet Amethyst (bluish purple)
Pyrestone Orange (reddish orange or ‘blood’ orange)
Emerald Green (slightly greener than Sunrider’s Destiny) NOTE: Emerald Green is not currently listed as an option. Ask Ultrasabers if they will still make the color.


The Ultrasabers TRI CREE blade color option presents a brighter version of 6 of the existing blade colors. TRI CREE colors use three LED diodes wired together. TRI CREE colors are NOT compatible with Flash on Clash.
Tri Cree LEDs with all three diodes wired together.
• TRI Guardian Blue
TRI Fire Orange
TRI Consular Green
TRI Blazing Red
TRI Adegan Silver [may add color discs as an upgrade]
TRI Arctic Blue

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