Coronavirus is DELAYING lightsaber manufacturing

The COVID-19 pandemic is delaying lightsaber manufacturing for some custom saber companies. Malaysia based Sabertrio and United States based Kyberlight openly confirmed they are experiencing parts shortages. Both companies source some of their lightsaber parts from areas in China that are currently under mandatory lockdown.

Sabertrio has temporarily closed their store due to the parts shortage. Kyberlight, which remains open and continues to accept orders, is informing customers in their product descriptions that “nationally mandated safety lockdowns are delaying factory openings until February 10th (possibly longer)….[A]ll saber orders will be backordered and shipped as soon as saber inventory returns.” Kyberlight, Sabertrio, Ultrasabers and Wanna Wanga have acknowledged COVID-19 related shipping delays.

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Kyberlight lightsaber with accessories (left) and Sabertrio Arclyte (right) | IMAGE CREDIT SaberSourcing

The 2019-2020 COVID-19 is a virus pandemic. As of February 7, 2020, there are 31,532 officially confirmed cases and 639 official deaths from the disease. According to Business Insider, China is attempting to contain the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak by issuing “the largest quarantine in human history, locking down an estimated 45 million people.” (Source: China put 46 million people on lockdown; Retrieved 2/7/2020)

Aside from Sabertrio and Kyberlight, other custom saber companies are likely delayed from parts shortages and mandatory factory shutdowns due to the widespread lockdown. Many custom saber companies manufacture lightsabers in China or source at least a few of their lightsaber parts from China, even if much of the final lightsaber assembly occurs in the United States or elsewhere in the world.

Not all custom saber companies may be directly affected by Wuhan coronavirus related parts shortages, however. Singapore based Sabermach announced in a Facebook post, “While we do get some high quality components like switches, batteries wires etc from china, our machining is all done in house right here at SaberMach….As such, we are not affected by the wuhan crisis.” (Source:; Retrieved 2/7/2020)

SaberSourcing will continue to monitor the situation and update readers and viewers as new information becomes available.

The following is a list of custom saber companies that have confirmed they are incurring parts shortages due to the current lockdown in China.


Updated: 2/24/2020

United States
Impact: Estimated 6-7 week handling time for orders
Company Statement: “[A]ll saber orders will be backordered and shipped as soon as saber inventory returns.”
SOURCE affiliate link (splash page announcement and written in product descriptions)

Sabertrio Malaysia
Impact: Total store closure (expected reopening April 2020)
Company Statement: “Sabertrio is currently NOT accepting any new custom saber orders due to a supply chain disruption for components originating from China. This is due to the recent Wuhan virus outbreak….”

United States
Estimated 3-4 week handling time for orders; additional delays possible
Company Statement: “[T]here may be a delay in getting some orders fulfilled….[W]e appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.”
SOURCE Ultrasabers email to customers 2/24/2020

Parts Shortages: Kobold Clips
Company Statement: “[T]he transportation of my new batch of Kobold Clips is delayed in China. No reasons are given, but I assume it has to do with the corona-virus.”


Updated: 2/19/2020
Sabermach Singapore
Company Statement: “…we are not affected by the wuhan crisis.”

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  1. Is Electrum Sabercratfs experiencing a parts shortage, because I am going on my 9th week of waiting for my saber to arrive and they originally said it would only take 7-8 weeks? Usually they’re pretty good about fulfilling orders on time from what I’ve seen.


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