LGT ‘Severing Ties’ with DX Sabers, a Controversial Reseller

LGT Saber Studio custom sabers

DX Sabers just lost their business agreement with custom saber manufacturer LGT Saber Studio, a major manufacturer of DX Sabers’ custom saber products. Philadelphia based DX Sabers, a custom saber distributor and reseller, has drawn widespread controversy in the lightsaber community since the company’s founding in early 2020. In a statement, LGT Saber Studio business … Read more

Star Wars Trading Post Opens | New Store Sells Legacy Lightsabers

Star Wars Trading Post Legacy Lightsabers

Disney opened Star Wars Trading Post today. The new store sells legacy lightsabers, kyber crystals, holocrons, and other Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge merchandise outside of the Disney Parks. Star Wars Trading post is located at Downtown Disney, an outdoor shopping center in Anaheim, California. RELATED LIGHTSABER SELLERS affiliate linksIf you purchase an item through these … Read more

Saberforge Introduces Neopixel Lightsabers

Custom saber company Saberforge is now offering a neopixel configuration on their lightsabers. The neopixel sabers run on the Golden Harvest V3 soundboard. The neopixel upgrade is available on many Saberforge lightsaber product lines including: Shoto Sabers, Apprentice Sabers, Elite Sabers, and Exotic Sabers (the affordably priced Saberforge ECO Sabers are NOT available as neopixel … Read more

Coronavirus is DELAYING lightsaber manufacturing

The COVID-19 pandemic is delaying lightsaber manufacturing for some custom saber companies. Malaysia based Sabertrio and United States based Kyberlight openly confirmed they are experiencing parts shortages. Both companies source some of their lightsaber parts from areas in China that are currently under mandatory lockdown. Sabertrio has temporarily closed their store due to the parts … Read more

Maul Wields New Double-Bladed Lightsaber in Star Wars The Clone Wars Poster

Maul is depicted wielding a new red double-bladed lightsaber in official promotional artwork and the trailer for season 7 of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series. Season 7, a new season and the final season of the acclaimed Star Wars: The Clone Wars Series, will be released on Disney+ starting February 21, 2020. … Read more

Kyberlight Discontinues Flat Acrylic Lightsaber Blade Line

Kyberlight flat acrylic lightsaber blade

Kyberlight is discontinuing its flat acrylic lightsaber blade line. The custom saber company is running a clearance sale of 30% off all flat acrylic blades, while supplies last, in order to clear out the flat blade inventory. The Kyberlight flat acrylic blade line includes 4 different blade designs: Belgian Blade, Viking Blade, Samurai Blade, Cutlass … Read more

So-cal Saber Service Abruptly CANCELS Proffieboard Run, Promises to Issue Refunds

So-Cal Saber Service Proffieboard run cancelled

So-cal Saber Service (SCSS) announced the abrupt cancellation of its anticipated Proffieboard run, promising to refund all deposits in the coming weeks. Proffieboard is popular open source lightsaber controller known for its neopixel and SmoothSwing V2 (motion algorithm) support along with its small size. So-cal Saber Service, an established custom saber company based in California, posted … Read more

NEW Proffieboard Run: So-Cal Saber Service Opens Lightsaber Soundboard Run

Custom saber company So-Cal Saber Service (SCSS) opened a new Proffieboard group buy today on Facebook. The limited run is open to United States and Canada

Saberforge Mystery Box Sabers Back in Stock Jan 2019

Saberforge Exile lightsaber

Saberforge Mystery Box Sabers are back in stock. Both the $125 Mystery Box Saber and the $250 Mystery Box Saber (with guaranteed sound) are currently available. The Saberforge Mystery Box Sabers, popular among lightsaber enthusiasts, are typically only available on the Saberforge website a few times a year. Saberforge’s last batch of Mystery Box Sabers … Read more

Sabertrio Mirah Lightsaber | New Saber Alert

Sabertrio Mirah lightsaber

Sabertrio, a Malaysia based custom saber manufacturer, announced the release of a new lightsaber called Mirah. Mirah, the 5th and newest lightsaber hilt design by Sabertrio, will join four existing Sabertrio lightsaber hilt designs: Arclyte, Skylar, Aeryn, and Valhken. Mirah will be priced between Skylar and Arclyte, making the lightsaber Sabertrio’s second least expensive saber. … Read more