Saberforge Introduces Neopixel Lightsabers

Custom saber company Saberforge is now offering a neopixel configuration on their lightsabers. The neopixel sabers run on the Golden Harvest V3 soundboard. The neopixel upgrade is available on many Saberforge lightsaber product lines including: Shoto Sabers, Apprentice Sabers, Elite Sabers, and Exotic Sabers (the affordably priced Saberforge ECO Sabers are NOT available as neopixel … Read more

Battle Worn Lightsabers: An Interview with DCSabers

DCSabers lightsaber

Want a lightsaber that looks like it’s traveled around the galaxy, earning scrapes, tarnish and scratches from years of hard-fought battles? DCSabers [AFFILIATE LINK], a United Kingdom based custom saber company, specializes in weathered, Old Republic-style lightsaber hilts. The company offers some polished finish hilts as well. All of his lightsabers are empty or installed … Read more