Making a Gas Pump Nozzle Lightsaber: An Interview with ‘Octane’ Creator Wiley Abt

'The Octane' lightsaber

Star Wars fan Wiley Abt recently decided to convert a broken gas pump nozzle into a realistic lightsaber. Wiley set out to create a functional, trigger-style custom saber that lights up and makes sounds. SaberSourcing interviewed Wiley Abt about the quirky lightsaber project. How did you come up with the idea to make a broken … Read more

Lightsaber Parts and ‘Power Cell’ Battery Decals: An Interview with Skywampa

Skywampa, a United Kingdom based Etsy store, specializes in staple DIY lightsaber parts including: clamp cards, D-rings, a crystal chamber and even some uncommon and popular ‘power cell’ style battery decals. On Etsy since 2014, Skywampa has made over 2200 sales to date. SaberSourcing interviewed Skywampa about his UK based lightsaber parts store. Can you … Read more

Lightsaber Etching and Artistry: An Interview with Shadowcrest Design

Shadowcrest Design lightsaber etching

It’s hard to believe that Shadowcrest Design, a now popular and established lightsaber etching company, started out as a failure. Dale Sniderhan first started the company to make business logos and corporate design. The idea flopped. Then in 2015, after Sniderhan rediscovered his passion for lightsabers, Shadowcrest Design started evolving into its present day form: … Read more

Lightsaber Spinning: An Interview with YouTuber Darth Cephalus

If you’ve ever looked for lightsaber spinning demos or tutorials or lightsaber review videos on YouTube, chances are you’ve stumbled onto a Darth Cephalus video or two. James Kiser, who lives in Oregon, first launched the Darth Cephalus YouTube channel in 2011. “Reverse Obi/Ani light saber spin”, his earliest listed lightsaber spinning video, was posted in … Read more

Battle Worn Lightsabers: An Interview with DCSabers

DCSabers lightsaber

Want a lightsaber that looks like it’s traveled around the galaxy, earning scrapes, tarnish and scratches from years of hard-fought battles? DCSabers [AFFILIATE LINK], a United Kingdom based custom saber company, specializes in weathered, Old Republic-style lightsaber hilts. The company offers some polished finish hilts as well. All of his lightsabers are empty or installed … Read more

Lightsabers and Winning Big: An Interview with The Pach Store

The Pach Store

Unlike many other custom lightsaber companies, Hong Kong based The Pach Store (TPS) sells lightsabers from multiple manufacturers including: Ultimate Works, WonderForce and YDD Saber. Lightsabers range from affordable sound sabers, like the ever popular Tiny Giant Kyojin, to midrange movie inspired hilts by Ultimate Works, to unusual and non-standard lightsabers like a black-bladed Dark Saber … Read more

One-Shot Custom Lightsabers: An Interview with Advanced Light Weaponry

Advanced Light Weaponry lightsabers

Bob Iannaccone, founder of Advanced Light Weaponry (ALW), designs and builds one-of-a-kind lightsabers from scratch. Iannaccone, who has a background in painting, sculpting and filmmaking, approaches each lightsaber build with an artist’s eye: no two lightsaber designs are alike. Iannaccone sells ready-to-ship lightsabers in his Advanced Light Weaponry eBay store [AFFILIATE LINK] and accepts custom lightsaber … Read more

Empty Lightsaber Hilts and More: An Interview with Great Lakes Saber Co

Great Lakes Saber Co lightsaber hilt

Star Wars fan Brent Murray launched the Great Lakes Saber Co Etsy Store [AFFILIATE LINK] in 2016. Although the custom lightsaber company currently specializes in empty lightsaber hilts and some custom commissions, Murray plans to bring back the Build-a-Saber 3D printed parts line and add sound sabers to the store in the near future. SaberSourcing … Read more

Make It Smaller: An Interview Proffieboard Lightsaber Controller Developer Fredrik Hubinette

Proffieboard lightsaber soundboard

Proffieboard, a feature-loaded lightsaber controller, is shaking up the custom lightsaber community. Notable Proffieboard highlights include: the board’s open-source designation, neopixel and SmoothSwing V2 (motion algorithm) support, and its small size. Released in 2018, Proffieboard sold nearly 3000 boards during its initial release as a group buy in The Rebel Armory (TRA) forums. SaberSourcing interviewed … Read more

Lightsaber Ignition and Hum: An Interview with KSith (Sound Font Artist)

KSith sound font

Every lightsaber sound font tells a story. Each snap-hiss, hum, clash, and crackle reflects the personality of the lightsaber and its wielder. KSith is among the most prolific lightsaber sound font artists in the custom saber industry. His sound fonts are included with several Pach Store lightsabers as well as Sabertrio’s neopixel lightsaber line. KSith … Read more