Lightsaber Spinning: An Interview with YouTuber Darth Cephalus

If you’ve ever looked for lightsaber spinning demos or tutorials or lightsaber review videos on YouTube, chances are you’ve stumbled onto a Darth Cephalus video or two. James Kiser, who lives in Oregon, first launched the Darth Cephalus YouTube channel in 2011. “Reverse Obi/Ani light saber spin”, his earliest listed lightsaber spinning video, was posted in … Read more

Why Rebel Chumps (Lightsaber Reviewer) Left YouTube

Rebel Chumps

Rebel Chumps unexpectedly said goodbye to YouTube in late November 2018. Rebel Chumps is a YouTube creator that posted lightsaber related content including reviews, comparisons, discussions, etc. The channel first launched in November 2015, about 3 years ago. Life Changes Rebel Chumps cited many reasons why he will no long produce content for the channel. First, Rebel … Read more

Top 4 Social Media Platforms Lightsaber Enthusiasts MUST Know About

lightsabers from various companies

Out of the many social media platforms on the internet, there are four standouts that every lightsaber enthusiasts must know about. These platforms provide invaluable resources for buyers, sellers and anyone who wants the stay up to speed with new lightsaber companies, products, and technologies. Watch Top 4 Social Media Platforms Lightsaber Enthusiasts MUST Know About … Read more

Corridor’s ‘World’s LONGEST Lightsaber’ Envisions Perils of ‘Real’ Lightsaber Ownership

Corridor's World's Longest Lightsaber

Corridor’s short YouTube film ‘World’s LONGEST Lightsaber’ envisions the perils of constructing and activating a ‘real life’ lightsaber in our real world. The video opens by showing a group of guys in an apartment turning on an actual, functioning lightsaber for the first time. The guys entertain themselves by cutting through a book, an apple, … Read more

Star Wars Kid: Lightsabers, Cyberbullying and YouTube (15 years later)

Star Wars Kid

Remember Star Wars Kid, that internet sensation; that pole-wielding home video that started circulating around the internet about 15 years ago? The video depicts a Canadian teenager, Ghyslain Raza, wielding a pole around as if it’s Darth Maul’s double-bladed lightsaber. He’s wielding the pole in a captivatingly passionate and awkward way. Watch Star Wars Kid: Lightsabers, … Read more