Corridor’s ‘World’s LONGEST Lightsaber’ Envisions Perils of ‘Real’ Lightsaber Ownership

Corridor’s short YouTube film ‘World’s LONGEST Lightsaber’ envisions the perils of constructing and activating a ‘real life’ lightsaber in our real world.

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The video opens by showing a group of guys in an apartment turning on an actual, functioning lightsaber for the first time. The guys entertain themselves by cutting through a book, an apple, and other seemingly random household objects. The initially stubby lightsaber blade grows slightly longer with each swing and the men soon discover they’re unable to deactivate the weapon! Their alarm grows along with the length of the lightsaber blade as the men attempt to transport the lightsaber outside without cutting through the building’s walls.

‘World’s LONGEST Lightsaber’, a 3 minute short film, is shot in an amateur documentary style complete with a shaky camera effect to add realism. Posted on June 30, 2018, the video has already earned over 1 million YouTube views in just a few days.

Many existing YouTube videos have toyed with the concept of average people reacting to acquiring a ‘real lightsaber’, including the Late Night with Seth Meyers short ‘Office Lightsaber’.

The lightsaber prop used ‘World’s LONGEST Lightsaber’ is a cheap, plastic knockoff lightsaber toy like the ones shown here.

The lightsaber prop used for ‘World’s LONGEST Lightsaber’ is an inexpensive, plastic knockoff lightsaber toy commonly found on Alibaba, eBay, Amazon and elsewhere around the internet. If you purchase one of your own plastic knockoff lightsaber toys, however, don’t expect to be able to cut through any apples or airplanes anytime soon. Fortunately, ‘real life’ lightsabers don’t exist. Not yet, anyway.

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