‘Octo-Bladed’ Lightsaber: LEGO Darth Maul Wields Bizarre Eight-Bladed Lightsaber

Darth Maul octo-blade lightsaber

In a galaxy of MANY unusual lightsaber designs, LEGO Darth Maul’s crazy eight-bladed lightsaber is arguably one of strangest. The Sith Lord gleefully wields the excessively-bladed lightsaber in a scene in LEGO Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out, a 22-minute television special that originally aired on Cartoon Network in 2012. Darth Maul normally wields a … Read more

Rubie’s YODA HANDS Review | Star Wars costume accessory

Rubie's Yoda Hands

Rubie’s Costume Co. makes a Yoda hands costume accessory, which are comprised of a pair of adult sized green three-fingered latex gloves. The Rubie’s Yoda hands, which are very dinosaurlike, have a wrinkled texture with a muted green coloring with a bit of brown layering on top. The nails are tree-like in coloring–brown at the … Read more

Tuba Wars: Band Kids Stage Sousaphone Lightsaber Battles

tuba wars

Ever heard of ‘Tuba Wars’ or ‘Sousaphone Lightsaber Battles’? Several high school or college aged marching band students have uploaded bewildering sousaphone lightsaber dueling videos on YouTube. Sousaphones, which are brass instruments in the tuba family, are commonly used in marching bands. How the sousaphone lightsaber battles work is each sousaphone player creates a low, … Read more

Corridor’s ‘World’s LONGEST Lightsaber’ Envisions Perils of ‘Real’ Lightsaber Ownership

Corridor's World's Longest Lightsaber

Corridor’s short YouTube film ‘World’s LONGEST Lightsaber’ envisions the perils of constructing and activating a ‘real life’ lightsaber in our real world. The video opens by showing a group of guys in an apartment turning on an actual, functioning lightsaber for the first time. The guys entertain themselves by cutting through a book, an apple, … Read more

Dateline Tatooine: Local Teen Loses Limb in Lightsaber Mishap

Luke Skywalker with a lightsaber

Tatooine resident Luke Skywalker, 19, inadvertently sliced off his own hand yesterday in an accidental lightsaber discharge. Lightsabers, lethal laser swords that are widely banned throughout the Empire, were once the signature weapon of the treacherous Jedi Knights. Skywalker, currently in recovery, is scheduled to undergo surgery to attach a new prosthetic hand later in … Read more