REVIEW Vintage Saberforge Lightsaber | Clan Saber Style Design

Saberforge Vintage Saberforge lightsaber

Let’s take a look at a vintage Saberforge lightsaber. The lightsaber is an example of an earlier Saberforge design with a clan saber style vibe. I don’t know exactly how old the saber is and wasn’t able to locate the name of the lightsaber. The radiator style emitter section in particular somewhat resembles the Prequel … Read more

REVIEW Jawa’s Junkyard Odin’s Wrath Lightsaber (Old Republic style)

Jawa’s Junkyard Odin’s Wrath lightsaber hilt is a 5-piece machined and threaded metal hilt. The custom saber is inspired by the design of Orgus Din lightsaber.

REVIEW Parks Sabers Volution Lightsaber | Vintage ‘Snowflake’ Custom Saber

Parks Sabers Volution lightsaber ('Snowflake' lightsaber)

This is a Parks Sabers Volution lightsaber. Originally released in 2008, Volution is a vintage Parks Sabers lightsaber. The custom saber has an Old Republic (SWTOR) style vibe. Parks Sabers founder Jeffrey Parks refers to the hilt as ‘Snowflake’ in a YouTube video interview since the profile of the hilt from the bottom somewhat resembles … Read more

REVIEW Saberforge Eris Lightsaber (Katana Saber) | Warrior Tier, Purple LED

The Saberforge Eris lightsaber is a custom saber with a katana inspired design. The all black finish adds a dark side or a tactical vibe as well (a standard finish and weathered finish are available as well).

REVIEW Korbanth Darkness Lightsaber | Dark Rey Folding Saberstaff

The Korbanth Darkness lightsaber is a custom saber inspired by the design of the folding Dark Rey lightsaber in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The lightsaber, a limited run, is available as an empty hilt or as a neopixel saber installed by Korbanth.

REVIEW Saberforge Chosen Lightsaber | Thin Neck Saber, Warrior Tier

The Saberforge Chosen lightsaber, a thin neck saber, is a custom saber that is likely inspired, at least in part, by the Luke Skywalker ROTJ lightsaber. Chosen is equipped with a thin neck blade socket that takes a slightly modified thin-neck blade. This Saberforge Chosen is a Warrior Tier Saber (i.e. stunt saber without sound) … Read more

REVIEW Saberforge Renegade Lightsaber | Warrior Tier, Green Blade

This is a Saberforge Renegade Lightsaber and it’s configured as a Warrior Tier saber, meaning it’s a stunt saber that lights up but doesn’t have sound. The one that I have uses a green LED. The Dual Tone Renegade hilt is predominantly black with some silver accents. Renegade has a four-pronged clawed emitter/crowned emitter with … Read more

Saberforge Lightsaber Covertech Belt Clip V2 Review | Dual-Purpose D-Ring or Covertec Belt Clip

The Saberforge Covertech Belt Clip V2, also known as the Saberforge Covertech Belt Clip 02, is a dual-purpose lightsaber belt clip enabling users to wear a custom lightsaber hilt equipped with Covertec wheel or a D-ring (or Tri-ring or O-ring). The versatile, plastic belt clip is made by and sold by the custom saber company … Read more

Roman Props MJV2 Lightsaber Hilt Review

The Roman Props MJV2 Lightsaber Hilt is a custom saber inspired by the design of the Mara Jade lightsaber in the video game Star Wars Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith (1997). Mara Jade is a character is Star Wars Legends. MJV2 is available as an empty hilt. RELATED LIGHTSABER SELLERS affiliate links If you … Read more