REVIEW Saberforge Eris Lightsaber (Katana Saber) | Warrior Tier, Purple LED

The Saberforge Eris lightsaber is a custom saber with a katana inspired design. The all black finish adds a dark side or a tactical vibe as well (a standard finish and weathered finish are available as well).

Saberforge custom ASP Lightsaber Hilt Review ‘Emauler Prophecy’

This is a Saberforge custom ASP lightsaber that I’ve named ‘Emauler Prophecy’. Since Saberforge ASP lightsabers do not have names, I named it ‘Emauler Prophecy’, a mash-up of the names of several of the parts used to construct the lightsaber hilt.

Saberforge Silver Knight Lightsaber Hilt Full Review

The Saberforge Silver Knight lightsaber hilt is a custom saber inspired by the design of the Imperial Knight lightsaber in Star Wars Legends. Saberforge Silver Knight is a gorgeous, two-toned hilt predominantly metallic silver in color with a black grip section and a few black accents. Silver Knight was first released in 2015. The hilt has … Read more

Saberforge Shoto Saber Line: What You Should Know

The Saberforge Shoto Saber line is comprised of 7 designs of “short sword” style shoto lightsabers. Each hilt design in the Shoto line is a shortened version of an Apprentice Saber counterpart with the same name. Each Shoto Saber includes the word “Shoto” at the end of its name in order to distinguish Shoto Sabers … Read more

Saberforge Shipping Speed: What You Should Know

Saberforge lightsabers

Since Saberforge is one of the largest custom saber companies in the world, lightsaber enthusiasts often ask, “How long does it take for a Saberforge order to ship?” Visit Saberforge Etsy Store [affiliate link] | Saberforge posts their lead times in two common places:1) On the Saberforge website Help > Orders & Shipping > Lead … Read more

What is Adaptive Saber Parts (ASP) by Saberforge? (Lightsaber Terminology)

Saberforge Adaptive Saber Parts (ASP)

Adaptive Saber Parts (ASP) is a modular lightsaber building system by custom saber manufacturer Saberforge. The system allows lightsaber enthusiasts to mix and match saber parts in order to construct an original, customized lightsaber hilt design. The ‘saber builder’ must select: an emitter, switch, body, and pommel. ASP is not compatible with Modular Hilt System … Read more

Who makes Saberforge Youngling Sabers?

Saberforge Youngling Sabers

Saberforge Youngling Sabers are a popular series of affordable, budget friendly ‘starter’ lightsabers sold on Saberforge Etsy [AFFILIATE LINK] and on The Youngling Saber series includes 4 hilt styles, ranging in price from $59.99 to $84.99 (some upgrades and add-ons are extra). Who makes Saberforge Youngling Sabers? Saberforge DOES NOT manufacture any of the … Read more

Does the Saberforge Etsy store have sales or discounts?

Saberforge lightsabers

Does the Saberforge Etsy store [AFFILIATE LINK] offer sales, discounts promo codes any other deal of that nature? At least in the past several years, I have never seen the Saberforge Etsy store host a sale or discount. If you know any additional information, please comment below. Sometimes the Etsy site itself will sometimes offer … Read more