List of All Jedi by Species

All Jedi are tasked with keeping peace within the galaxy. Most serve the Jedi Order. Some must battle a Sith Lord or two as some point. Here is a list of all of the Jedi by species.

List of Jedi By Species
Chiss Jedi (Thrawn’s species)
Duros Jedi and Sith
Ewok Jedi
Hutt Jedi
Ithorian Jedi
Jawa Jedi
Kaminoan Jedi
Lasat Jedi (Zeb and Jaro Tapal’s species)
Neimoidian Jedi and Sith (Nute Gunray and Rune Haako’s species)
Rodian Jedi and Sith (Greedo’s species)
Togruta Jedi (Ahsoka Tano’s species)
Trandoshan Jedi
Wookiee Jedi (Chewbacca’s species)

List of Sith by Species
Twi’lek Sith

All of the Jedi by Species
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