REVIEW Saberforge Renegade Lightsaber | Warrior Tier, Green Blade

This is a Saberforge Renegade Lightsaber and it’s configured as a Warrior Tier saber, meaning it’s a stunt saber that lights up but doesn’t have sound. The one that I have uses a green LED. The Dual Tone Renegade hilt is predominantly black with some silver accents. Renegade has a four-pronged clawed emitter/crowned emitter with a metallic silver blade holder beneath it. The hilt is 10.8 inches long.

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Below the emitter, the diameter of the hilt narrows at at metallic silver colored choke point. The choke point makes the hilt easier to spin and maneuver. Below the choke point is the activation switch area. The top metallic silver switch activates the lightsaber. The bottom switch is a decorative, non-functional dummy switch. The area around the switch section is diamond knurled adding a ruggedness to the design.

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The lower grip section is situated below the switch section. The grip section features five metallic silver horizontal raised, flat ‘rings’ (your fingers can fit well between the silver rings). The space outside of the rings is black in color.

The lower section of the hilt features a Covertec wheel, which may be used to wear the hilt. The removable vented pommel features a diamond knurled texture. The ‘crown’ style pommel echoes the design aesthetic of the emitter section.

Overall, Saberforge Renegade exudes a dark side vibe due to its dark coloring and ‘jagged’ claw/crown elements. The hilt in this review is the Dual Tone finish. Additional finish options are available including: Standard Finish (predominantly metallic silver with black accents), Weathered Finish, and Black Finish (all-black, tactical style finish).

Saberforge, based in Oregon, is one of the largest custom saber companies in the world.

Saberforge Etsy affiliate link


Image depicts a Saberforge Renegade lightsaber

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