What is a dummy switch? | Lightsaber Terminology

A dummy switch is a non-functioning lightsaber switch, or sometimes just piece of metal that’s added to a lightsaber hilt, in order to complete the look of the hilt. Some custom saber companies, like Saberforge, install dummy switches on their empty hilts or to fill an empty switch hole. Other custom saber companies, like Ultrasabers, DO NOT install dummy switches on their hilts.

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The Saberforge Avenger lightsaber hilt featured in the photo and video uses a dummy switch to fill a hole that would otherwise be used as a recharge port. Saberforge glues their dummy switches to the hilt. Other custom saber companies may install a dummy switch without glue.

Unlike Saberforge, Ultrasabers does not install dummy switches on their lightsabers at all. If you plan to use an Ultrasabers lightsaber hilt as a display piece, you will likely want to install a dummy switch on the hilt. Otherwise, the open switch hole is a bit distracting and makes the hilt look like it’s a work in progress. Some people will simply install an AV switch to fill the hole. Other people will just add some type of piece–anything, really–in order to cover up the hole. You can use your imagination.

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Do you have any display or cosplay lightsabers with a dummy switch?

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  1. My Saberforge Shoto Disciple took 12 weeks to arrive, and was supposed to come without glued in dummy switches. Yet, here I am with dummy switches that aren’t budging. I’ve tried a heat gun and when that didn’t work, acetone and some outside force via a leather hammer.
    Any thoughts on how to get the dummies out?


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