Saberforge Avenger Stunt Saber blue blade full review

This Saberforge Avenger Warrior Tier [AFFILIATE LINK], so it’s configured as a stunt saber (no sound). The saber features a blue blade. Saberforge Avenger is an Episode I/II Obi-Wan Kenobi style lightsaber hilt.

The top part of the lightsaber hilt features some signature greeblies like the metallic red thumbscrew and brass screw (a notably non-jeweled!). The middle of the hilt features the metallic silver activation switch and a dummy switch (the dummy switch location is sometimes used as a recharge port instead).

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Avenger’s metallic silver shroud dominates the design of the hilt. The black grip area also adds interest to the design. The bottom of the hilt features a Covertec wheel, which comes standard with most Saberforge hilts, and finally a vented pommel on the bottom that you can swap out with other various Saberforge pommels, if you’d like.

The hilt is about 11 inches long and the diameter is roughly 1.5 inches. Avenger is a very handy diameter and it’s easy to hold and maneuver. Avenger is an all-round beautiful saber, although I do miss having a jeweled greeblie near the emitter area.

Update 7/10/2018: Saberforge now uses a chrome finish on Avenger.

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