defconbird chrom ring turbine lightsaber blade plug

defconbird Chrome Ring Turbine Lightsaber Blade Plug Gunmetal Blue full review

This is a defconbird Chrome Ring Turbine lightsaber blade plug [AFFILIATE LINK] in Gunmetal Blue. As a disclaimer, eBay seller defconbird did send me this blade plug for free in order to review so thank you very much for that!

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This is a VERY cool blade plug that features a conical shape with chrome ring in the center, which makes the blade plug look very turbine like. The gunmetal blue portion of the blade plug is just one variation. Defconbird does offer a brass version as well so you select whichever color better complements your lightsaber or or your taste.

The blade plug is 1 inch in diameter, so it should work with saber hilts from a variety of saber companies. It’s 1.5 inches long as well.

The exterior of the blade plug is made from polycarbonate along with a solid acrylic rod in the core. The blade plug does contain a ‘glow core’, which means it will glow in the dark if the blade plug is exposed to a light source.

Unlike many blade plugs, this defconbird blade plug is solid. The turbine style design gives the blade plug a mechanical feel (many lightsaber blade plugs by defconbird similarly look and feel very ‘mechanical’).

Another benefit of this blade plug is it looks cool with or without a light source! You could install this blade plug in an empty hilt or attach it a stunt saber or sound saber. This specific lightsaber blade plug design features many light holes.

The craftsmanship of this defconbird blade plug is superb! The blade plug looks and feels like it’s very well made and is high quality.

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