What is a turbine blade plug? | Lightsaber Terminology

A turbine blade plug is a lightsaber blade plug design that’s inspired by or includes elements of the rotary mechanical devices you find on jet engines, in power plants or in other industrial settings. Turbine style blade plugs are a common style sold by many different custom saber companies.

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Unlike a traditional ‘static’ sword comprised of a fixed blade and hilt, a lightsaber is a mechanical device or gadget, engineered with many internal ‘guts’ (i.e. parts, wires, etc.) and a power source. A lightsaber also uses a blade that ignites and retracts from the emitter area of the lightsaber hilt. The industrial look of a turbine style blade plug feels rugged, realistic and technologically sophisticated, complementing the mechanical artistry of a lightsaber hilt.

Here are 5 different blade plugs, each with a turbine inspired design. Only one of the blade plugs actually uses ‘Turbine’ in the name, but the other 4 blade plugs seems to be inspired, at least in part, by the look and feel of a turbine.

turbine blade plugs
turbine blade plugs from various companies | IMAGE CREDIT SaberSourcing

(upper left) Saberforge ASP Blade Plug 2 (several other Saberforge blade plug designs look turbine inspired as well)
(upper right) Kyberlight Blade Plug
(lower left) Darkside Engineering R2-TS2 Shredder Blade Plug
(lower middle) Darkside Engineering R2-TBB Blade Plug
(lower right) defconbird Chrome Ring Turbine Blade Plug

The two Darkside Engineering blade plugs are within the razer blade plug subset of the turbine blade plug category. Razor blade plugs incorporate a rotary shaver head into the design of the blade plug, often in order to create a turbine style blade plug.

The actual design of a turbine style blade plug vastly varies from company to company and blade plug design to blade plug design. Some turbine style blade plugs are all one color, others are dual tone or multi tone. Some turbine style blade plugs are mostly flat while others appear more layered and three dimensional. For example, Some turbine blade plugs use ‘fan blade’ like components or a conical center, similar to the spinner at the center of a turbofan engine. Some turbine style blade plugs borrow elements of a turbine, while others look mostly like an entire turbine assembly.

3DSabers (Etsy) 
United States Turbine Blade Plug
defconbird (eBay) United States various designs
ACLightsabers (Etsy) 
Malaysia Razor Blade Plug
BlackBearSalvage (Etsy)
United States various designs (found parts style)
GOTH-3Designs (Shapeways) various designs (3D printed)
United States Kyberlight Blade plug
Rogue Arsenal (Etsy)
United States razor blade plug styles
United States various ASP Blade Plug designs
Salt Lake Saber Co (Etsy) 
United States
Sith Bunny (Shapeways) various 3D Printed Blade Plugs Inserts
Russia various designs
Sith Bunny (Etsy) 
United States Turbo Blade Plug; various designs OUT OF BUSINESS

COVER IMAGE: defconbird Chrome Ring Turbine Blade Plug (left) and Boeing 777 Turbofan [jet engine] (right)

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