Quest Design Canada: LED Lightsaber Stands, Acrylic Stands and Display Plaques (Lightsaber Company Spotlight)

Quest Design Canada (QDC) is a Canada based Etsy store [affiliate link] that offers a selection of high-end illuminated LED lightsaber stands and wall mounts, along with standard acrylic lightsaber stands (non-illuminated) and lightsaber display plaques/nameplates.

Illuminated LED Lightsaber Stands and Wall Mounts
Quest Design Canada’s LED lightsaber stands and wall mounts, some of the most eye-catching and memorable items in the store, use the iconic Death Star Corridor Pattern. The distinctive Imperial pattern, nostalgic and familiar to Star Wars fans, adds an attractive in-universe feel to the overall design.

The LEDs illuminate the lightsaber hilt from the base of the stand. The stand base comes with a choice of red, blue or white LED lights or an 11-color RGB version. In addition to offering single lightsaber stands, Quest Designs Canada also offers a double stand and triple stand.

Quest Design Canada LED lightsabers stand (left) and LED lightsaber wall mount (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Quest Design Canada

Acrylic Lightsaber Stands (non-illuminated)

Although not the specialty of the store, Quest Design Canada currently offers two models of basic acrylic lightsaber stands. The seller states that he may be able to accommodate requests for custom lightsaber stands as well.

Quest Design Canada ‘Lightsaber Acrylic Display stand’ | IMAGE CREDIT Quest Designs Canada

Custom Display Plaques/Nameplates for Lightsabers, Blasters, Props, etc.
Quest Design Canada also makes lightsaber display plaques in several styles. The size and design of the display plaques may be modified or customized by the buyer.

Quest Design Canada (Etsy) offers multiple sizes and styles of custom display plaques for lightsabers, blasters or other props | IMAGE CREDIT Quest Designs Canada

Quest Designs Canada Etsy Store [Etsy affiliate link]

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COVER IMAGE CREDIT Quest Designs Canada (Etsy)
Image depicts Lightsaber Display stand with LED lights (left) and Display Plaque (right)

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