Lightsaber Wall Mounts: What You Should Know

A lightsaber wall mount, sometimes referred to as lightsaber wall rack, is a device that attaches to the wall in order to hold and display a lightsaber. A lightsaber wall mount typically attaches to the wall with screws. Similar to lightsaber stands, Star Wars fans commonly utilize lightsaber wall mounts to display: Star Wars Galaxy’s … Read more

4 Most Common Types of Lightsaber Display Methods

lightsaber display

Whether you own one lightsaber or many lightsabers, chances are you want to show off your growing collection to friends, family, guests and, yes, to yourself. Here are the 4 most common types of lightsaber display methods. Number 4 might surprise you. 1. LIGHTSABER STANDA lightsaber stand is a free-standing lightsaber display accessory designed to … Read more

Quest Design Canada: LED Lightsaber Stands, Acrylic Stands and Display Plaques | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Quest Design Canada

Quest Design Canada (QDC) is a Canada based Etsy store [affiliate link] that offers a selection of high-end illuminated LED lightsaber stands and wall mounts, along with standard acrylic lightsaber stands (non-illuminated) and lightsaber display plaques/nameplates. Illuminated LED Lightsaber Stands and Wall MountsQuest Design Canada’s LED lightsaber stands and wall mounts, some of the most eye-catching and … Read more