4 Most Common Types of Lightsaber Display Methods

Whether you own one lightsaber or many lightsabers, chances are you want to show off your growing collection to friends, family, guests and, yes, to yourself. Here are the 4 most common types of lightsaber display methods. Number 4 might surprise you.

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A lightsaber stand is a free-standing lightsaber display accessory designed to sit on a shelf, table, or other flat surface. Lightsaber stands are commonly made out of acrylic or 3D printed out of PLA (plastic), although some sellers make stands out of metal, wood, or other material as well. The material, design, and size of the stand varies. Most stands are not illuminated, but some companies make high-end illuminated stands with LED backlighting for the hilt.

Standard Stand (Horizontal)

A standard stand, the most common type of lightsaber stand, displays a lightsaber hilt in a horizontal orientation.

Vertical Stand
A vertical stand displays a lightsaber hilt in a vertical orientation. Vertical stands are usually much taller than horizontal stands. Vertical stands are a bit less common than standard horizontal stands. A vertical stand works well for displaying unusually shaped hilts like the a Dooku style curved hilt, a Kylo Ren style crossguard hilt in a better manner than a standard horizontal stand.

A lightsaber wall mount is a lightsaber display accessory designed to attach and anchor to the wall. Most wall mounts are not illuminated, but some companies make high-end illuminated stands with LED backlighting for the hilt. A wall mount may be arranged horizontally or vertically. Using a wall mount is the most common method for displaying a complete lightsaber with an attached blade, although a hilt without a blade may be displayed using some wall mounts as well.

A lightsaber display box encloses and displays a lightsaber inside, while also doubling as a protective lightsaber storage box. A lightsaber display box uses a cover or lid that can be opened or closed.

Wooden Display Box
A wooden display box typically features a hinged lid and a latch in the front. Wooden display boxes often exude an ‘in universe’ feel. Wooden display boxes may be repurposed from some styles of wine boxes.

Plastic Display Box / Show Case
A plastic display box or show case features a base and a clear ‘shell’ that covers the hilt and the base. Plastic display boxes designed for model cars and other collectibles boxes may be used to display a lightsaber hilt. Some plastic display boxes are illuminated with LEDs and some are not.

Some lightsaber hilts may not require a additional display accessory at all. If a lightsaber hilt features a Covertec wheel or contains other design elements that may prevent a lightsaber from rolling off a shelf, then a lightsaber may be displayed on a shelf or flat surface without a stand.

List of Lightsaber Stand, Mount, and Display Box Sellers

COVER IMAGE: various lightsaber stands (left) and lightsaber display box (right)

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