How to Display a Lightsaber Hilt WITHOUT a Stand

Some lightsaber hilts can be displayed on your bookshelf or on your table with a stand. Since most lightsabers are very cylindrical in shape, you need to be careful setting them on a flat surface because you don’t want them to roll off. That’s one of the reasons why people will buy a lightsaber stand, box or wall mount.

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But if don’t have a stand or don’t want a stand, there’s a lightsaber hilt design element that can help you prop up your lightsaber hilt: the Covertec wheel. Not all lightsaber hilts have Covertec wheels, but many of them do. If you set a lightsaber hilt with a Covertec wheel on a shelf, the Covertec will prop up the hilt and prevent it from rolling.

The Covertec wheel is not always located in the best position on the hilt to display the most attractive side of the hilt. Also, every lightsaber is shaped a little differently and some hilt styles may not allow the Covertec wheel to be used adequately to prop up the hilt.

The Covertec wheel placement on my Saberforge Guardian lightsaber is placed in the idea position for display. The Covertec wheel is hidden in the back and props up the front side of the hilt.

Another feature that could be used to help prevent the saber from rolling off a shelf is the pommel. Some pommels designs, or sections of the hilt body, feature flat segments that help stabilize the hilt on the shelf.

Can you think of any additional ways to display a lightsaber without a stand? How do you display your lightsaber collection? Comment below.

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