‘Faux Etch’ A Lightsaber Using This Easy Sticker Hack | Tutorial

Faux Etch Lightsaber Tutorial

Reddit user SuperGrandor recently shared a customization hack for ‘faux etching’ a lightsaber hilt in the r/lightsabers subreddit. Just use 5D nail stickers! A 5D nail sticker is a self-adhesive sticker with a raised/textured pattern. Learn how to faux etch your own lightsaber by following SuperGrandor’s simple step-by-step tutorial below. Tutorial and images by SuperGrandor … Read more

How to Display a Lightsaber Hilt WITHOUT a Stand

lightsaber hilt display without a stand

Some lightsaber hilts can be displayed on your bookshelf or on your table with a stand. Since most lightsabers are very cylindrical in shape, you need to be careful setting them on a flat surface because you don’t want them to roll off. That’s one of the reasons why people will buy a lightsaber stand, … Read more

How to use a COIN as an MPS pommel insert The Custom Saber Shop (Easy DIY)

coins in lightsaber pommels

Have you ever noticed that some coins are very similar in size to a MPS pommel inserts from The Custom Saber Shop? Coins can be used as a unique, quirky substitute for MPS (Modular Pommel System) pommel inserts. Watch How to use coins as MPS pommel inserts The Custom Saber Shop (Easy DIY) on YouTube … Read more