coins in lightsaber pommels

How to use a COIN as an MPS pommel insert The Custom Saber Shop (Easy DIY)

Have you ever noticed that some coins are very similar in size to a MPS pommel inserts from The Custom Saber Shop? Coins can be used as a unique, quirky substitute for MPS (Modular Pommel System) pommel inserts.

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Coins have all sorts of different colors, designs and patterns. If you like eagles, you could use an American 50 cent piece as an MPS insert. A Colombian 1000 peso coin has a turtle on it and the tuppence from the United Kingdom has a lion on it.

You can either use coins from your local country or rummage around to find some coins with cool designs from other countries. Unfortunately the U.S. quarter is a little too small to work well as an MPS insert, but other American coins like the 50 cent piece or the $1 coin would work pretty well.

Once you select a coin to use as an MPS insert, you have a few options for attaching it to the MPS pommel. Common attachment options include: using an O-ring, c-clip, or glue. Consider that using a solid MPS insert, like a coin, is only appropriate for stunt sabers and not sound sabers, because a solid insert blocks the sound.

Using a coin as a simple, easy, and unique substitute for an MPS pommel insert.

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