4 Lightsaber Hilt Pommel Attachment Styles

lightsaber pommel

Let’s talk about 4 different lightsaber hilt pommel attachment styles. A lightsaber hilt pommel, sometimes called an end cap, is a piece that attaches to the bottom of a lightsaber hilt. Some pommels are vented with sound holes (for sound sabers), while other pommels are solid (for stunt sabers [no sound] or display pieces). Watch … Read more

Ultrasabers Adds V5, V4, V3 Pommels | New Product Alert

Ultrasabers V5, V4, and V3 lightsaber pommels

Ultrasabers added V5, V4, and V3 lightsaber hilt pommels to their store. Swapping the pommel on a lightsaber hilt is one of the easiest ways to customize a lightsaber and change its appearance. The V5, V4, and V3 pommels are all MHS compatible and are available as solid pommels (for stunt sabers without sound) or … Read more

Are Ultrasabers and Saberforge Lightsabers Compatible?: What You Should Know

Ultrasabers and Saberforge lightsabers

Are Ultrasabers lightsabers compatible with Saberforge lightsabers? In other words, can I take some of my hilt components from Ultrasabers lightsabers and use them with my Saberforge lightsabers? The short answer is no and the longer answer is…mostly no with a few exceptions. Watch Are Ultrasabers and Saberforge Lightsabers Compatible?: What You Should Know on … Read more

Kyberlight Bow Shock pommel full review

Kyberlight Bow Shock pommel

The Kyberlight Bow Shock pommel is named after a term from astrophysics. The Bow Shock pommel is a two-toned pommel that’s primarily a metallic orange color (or copper color), but there are some black elements to the pommel as well. The pommel features some wings, eight in total, and the wings extend out beyond the … Read more

How to use a COIN as an MPS pommel insert The Custom Saber Shop (Easy DIY)

coins in lightsaber pommels

Have you ever noticed that some coins are very similar in size to a MPS pommel inserts from The Custom Saber Shop? Coins can be used as a unique, quirky substitute for MPS (Modular Pommel System) pommel inserts. Watch How to use coins as MPS pommel inserts The Custom Saber Shop (Easy DIY) on YouTube … Read more

The Custom Saber Shop MHS V1 Pommel Style 4 Full review

The Custom Saber Shop Pommel Style 4 (Modular Hilt System MHS)

The Pommel Style 4 from The Custom Saber Shop is a custom ‘door knob’ style pommel. It’s part of the Modular Hilt System V1 (MHS V1), which works with a variety of components from The Custom Saber Shop and is compatible many Ultrasabers hilts and Sabertrio hilts as well. Watch The Custom Saber Shop Pommel … Read more

Ultrasabers Guardian Pommel Full review | MHS compatible

Ultrasabers Guardian lightsaber pommel

The Ultrasabers Guardian pommel, which is a Prequel Trilogy Obi-Wan Kenobi style pommel, comes in two versions: an MHS compatible version and a Replacement version, which is designed specifically with a 1.725 outside diameter. Watch Ultrasabers Guardian Pommel review (MHS compatible) on YouTube The pommel in this article came with an Ultrasabers Dark Mantis hilt. Since … Read more

Lightsaber Hilt Pommel: Solid vs Vented | Lightsaber Terminology

custom lightsaber pommels from Ultrasabers and The Custom Saber Shop

The two most common types of lightsaber hilt pommels are: solid pommel and vented pommel with sound holes. The pommels featured in the article include (left to right): Ultrasabers solid pommel, Ultrasabers vented pommel, The Custom Saber Shop MPS Pommel style 10, The Custom Saber Shop Pommel style 4. Watch Lightsaber Hilt Pommel Types: Solid, … Read more

What is knurling grip, pommel, button, etc? | Lightsaber Terminology

knurling lightsaber grip

Knurling is when a rough texture is rolled on to a metal part. The texture is rolled onto the hilt itself, onto the pommel, or onto other lightsaber sections or components. It’s very common to find some element of knurling on a lightsaber. Sometime you’re find knurling on the grip, like on the Sabertrio Arclyte. … Read more

How To Use The Custom Saber Shop’s MHS pommels with Ultrasabers

MHS pommels on Ultrasabers

Since most Ultrasabers lightsaber hilts use MHS (modular hilt system) compatible pommels, that means you can use a variety of Custom Saber Shop pommels with your saber. The Custom Saber Shop manufactures nearly 20 MHS pommels, ranging from simple to more ornate designs. The majority of the Ultrasabers lightsaber hilts (excluding V2 hilt models) use MHS … Read more