4 Lightsaber Hilt Pommel Attachment Styles

Let’s talk about 4 different lightsaber hilt pommel attachment styles. A lightsaber hilt pommel, sometimes called an end cap, is a piece that attaches to the bottom of a lightsaber hilt. Some pommels are vented with sound holes (for sound sabers), while other pommels are solid (for stunt sabers [no sound] or display pieces).

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1. Male Threaded Pommel
By far, the most common lightsaber pommel attachment style is a male threaded pommel that connects to a female threaded hilt. The user loosens or tightens the pommel by hand (no extra tools required). Consider that although many lightsaber hilt pommels from various companies use male threading, pommels from different companies are not necessarily compatible. Custom saber companies may use different measurements of thread pitch and thread depth.

2. Female Threaded Pommel
Occasionally, some lightsaber hilt pommels will use a female threaded pommel that connects to a male threaded hilt. The user loosens or tightens the pommel by hand (no extra tools required). Female threaded pommels are much less common than male threaded pommels, although they do still occur.

3. Pommel Attaches to Hilt with a Screw or Screws
Some hilts don’t use threaded pommels at all, instead opting to attach the pommel to the hilt with a screw or screws. The pommel typically slides over the bottom section of the hilt, then the user tightens the screw(s) to secure the pommel in place.

Pommels that attach with screws require a tool, like a hex wrench or a screw driver of the appropriate size, in order to tighten or loosen the screw. If the screws are not tightened enough, then the pommel will be very loose and wobbly on the hilt.

4. Permanently Attached Pommel (Non-Removable)
Some hilts use a non-removable pommel. Hilts with a permanently attached pommel are typically only used as a static display piece (i.e. shelf queen) or a cosplay accessory. Removing the pommel on a display piece or cosplay piece may not be necessary because the hilt is not installed with any electronics or anything on the inside, so there’s no major reason to remove the pommel.

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