5 Common Lightsaber Options Ultrasabers DOES NOT Offer

Ultrasabers, one of the largest and most popular custom saber companies in the world, makes many different lightsaber hilts, offering several options and configurations. Here are 5 common lightsaber options that Ultrasabers DOES NOT offer, however.

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1. Ultrasabers DOES NOT sell day blades or non-standard blades
Ultrasabers only makes standard, run-of-the-mill lightsaber blades in two different styles (standard with a foil looking appearance or Ultraedge with a white appearance) and two different thicknesses (midgrade or heavy grade). The company does not make day blades (colored blades suited for conventions and environments with more light) or any other non-standard blades (e.g. flat acrylic blades, light whip, axe blades, etc.).

2. Ultrasabers DOES NOT use a chassis inside its lightsabers
Some custom saber companies use a chassis inside the hilt in order to protect and contain the internals (e.g. sound module, wiring, batteries, etc.). Ultrasabers does not use a chassis inside its hilts, however. Some Shapeways sellers offer chassis that claim to be compatible with Ultrasabers hilts, so a lightsaber enthusiast may be able to add a chassis to an Ultrasabers hilt on their own or with the help of a sabersmith.

3. Ultrasabers DOES NOT construct highly customized lightsaber hilts
Ultrasabers offers a few simple options when a buyer purchases a lightsaber (e.g. switch type, blade color, battery configuration, sound configuration, etc.). The company does not construct highly customized and personalized hilts, however, or take commissions on lightsaber projects. Ultrasabers does not offer customizing such as: leather wraps, weathering, powder coating, or etching. A few hilts include an etched or engraved design, however, the company will not do custom engraving on any of its hilts.

4. Ultrasabers DOES NOT make crystal chambers or crystal reveal lightsabers
Lightsaber crystal chambers add realism to a lightsaber. Crystal chambers increase the price and complexity of the lightsaber. Lightsabers with crystal chambers are also generally NOT duel worthy. Since Ultrasabers uses the slogan “Combat Lightsaber Specialists”, touts the duel worthiness of the company’s hilts, and prices many of their hilts lower than competitors like Saberforge, it’s not surprising that Ultrasabers doesn’t offer crystal chambers on any of its hilts.

5. Ultrasabers DOES NOT build Neopixel lightsabers
Neopixel lightsabers are some of the most realistic and sophisticated lightsabers on the custom saber market at the moment. More expensive than lightsabers with in-hilt LEDs, Neopixel lightsabers are capable of more complex visual effects including: blaster bolt deflections, Force lightning effects, and the saber scroll effect when a user activates/deactivates the lightsaber. The in-hilt LED technology, used in Ultrasabers lightsabers, functions in more basic way, like a flashlight (i.e. no complex visual effects).

It’s unclear if Ultrasabers may someday add neopixel lightsabers to their lineup. The company may decide to continue focusing on maintaining a specialty on lower end to midrange lightsabers.

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