Jawa’s Junkyard Gungi Lightsaber Hilt Review

The Jawa’s Junkyard Gungi lightsaber hilt is a 3D printed lightsaber hilt. Gungi is a Wookiee Jedi Youngling from Star Wars canon. Jawa’s Junkyard is an Australia based custom saber company.

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Gungi is a 3D printed hilt comprised two colors: dark gray (emitter shroud and pommel) and brown (hilt body). The dark gray sections are made of a metal composite filament with a clear coat finish. The brown hilt body is made of a wood filament that’s sanded, stained, and has a clear coat finish. The removable, vented pommel attaches to the hilt using a screw.

Although the exterior of the hilt is 3D printed, the hilt uses an interior steel rod core. The Gungi lightsaber hilt, which could serve as a display piece or cosplay piece right out of the box, can accommodate an electronics install. The 11.25 inches long hilt is designed for 24mm bass speaker and a 2.5mm recharge port (neither the speaker nor bass speaker is included).

Jawa’s Junkyard released Gungi as a limited run in 2018. The hilt is no longer in production. The company’s base model for the Gungi hilt only included the hilt and pommel itself. Jawa’s Junkyard offered several custom add-on items including: kill key, display stand, name plate, and a faux-wood Wookiee chassis.

My Gungi lightsaber hilt, which I purchased second hand, came bundled with the custom Wookiee chassis. Jawa’s Junkyard created the 3D printed, faux-wood chassis, specifically to fit the Gungi lightsaber. The chassis features a distinctive Wookiee design on the side.

Jawa’s Junkyard is an Australia based custom saber company. The company primarily releases limited run, character inspired 3D printed lightsaber hilts and machined hilts.

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