What is a lightsaber kill key? (Lightsaber Terminology)

A lightsaber kill key is a small piece that you install in your recharge port while your saber is not in use. Kill keys are often comprised of two major parts: a non-conductive plastic plug and an end cap (typically made of plastic or metal). The purpose of the kill key is to stop the flow of current to your lightsaber. Even when you lightsaber is turned off, there’s still a little drain on the battery. A kill key prevents the drain on the battery.

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Lightsabers using illuminated AV switches often use kills keys. My Saberforge Exile lightsaber features an illuminated AV switch. If I allowed the AV switch to stay illuminated day and night, I would drain the battery. When I install the kill key, the illumination turns off.

Not all lightsabers use kill keys. Ultrasabers, for example, doesn’t use kill keys at all on any of their lightsabers. Also, kill keys much match the size of the recharge port. Many standard recharge ports are designed to accept 2.1mm charging plugs. Other recharge port sizes exist, however.

Kill keys come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Circular, button-shaped kill keys are among the most common. Kill keys can be simple and functional or ornate and decorative. Some kill keys use logos or designs as well.

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