One Replicas DIY Low Profile Control Box Full Review

The One Replicas DIY Low Profile Control Box [affiliate link] is a slimmed down lightsaber activation box. Some lightsaber enthusiasts ordinarily do not like activation boxes because they’re clunky and get in the way, especially during dueling or spinning. The One Replicas DIY Low Profile Control Box minimizes the inconvenient and intrusive size of an activation box, empowering lightsabers enthusiasts to more comfortably include and ‘in-universe’ style activation box on a duel worthy lightsaber hilt.

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The DIY Low Profile Control Box is primarily made of aluminum and is designed to be used with most lightsaber hilts from various companies–the lightsaber does not need to be a One Replicas lightsaber hilt. One Replicas offers the control box in two colors: metallic silver color or anodized black.

The control box, which includes a generic black clamp card, is curved on the bottom so it can fit flush against a hilt. Tactile switches are included with the assembly, one one either end of the box, so the box is not just decorative, it could also be used to make a functional control box. The box also includes two Wafer Phillips M3 mounting screws and two M2.5 grub screws on the side to hold the clamp card place. One Replicas sells several other designs of compatible clamp cards, too. The clamp cards, like the control box, are low profile, measuring 50mm by 12.7mm.

One Replicas, a lightsaber hilt and parts seller, is an Etsy store based in Spain.

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