TheronThings: Hand Made Wooden Lightsaber Hilts (Lightsaber Company Spotlight)

TheronThings is a Canada based Etsy store¬†[affiliate link] that specializes in making solid wood lightsabers. The lightsabers, which are made out of beech wood, come in two main sizes: Full Size or a smaller Children’s Size. TheronThings offers custom sizing options as well. All the lightsaber hilts are character inspired designs.

TheronThings currently has 4 lightsaber hilt listings:
Solid Wood Lightsaber (Luke ROTJ style)
Revan Lightsaber in Wood
Bane Lightsaber in Wood
Ahsoka Solid Wood Lightsaber (a set of 2 different Ahsoka hilts)

The lightsaber hilts are smooth and unfinished. The unfinished hilts make a fun display piece, right out of the box, without additional customization. The buyer could finish, paint, or otherwise modify the lightsaber hilts as a DIY project as well. TheronThings also notes that the buyer could drill a hole in the emitter area and attach a dowel in order to add a lightsaber blade.

TheronThings first launched as an Etsy store in 2019. The STEM-themed Etsy store is operated by two engineers. Their son is named Theron.

TheronThings Etsy Store [AFFILIATE LINK]

COVER IMAGE: Ahsoka Solid Wood Lightsaber set of 2 (left) and Revan Lightsaber in Wood (right)

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