Ultrasabers Initiate V5 Lightsaber Hilt Full Review

The Ultrasabers Initiate V5 lightsaber hilt is part of the Core Saber line-up. Ultrasabers Core Sabers are some of the more basic, entry-level lightsabers sold by the custom saber company. Initiate V5 is flashier and more decorative than its predecessor Initiate V4 (find a more detailed comparison between Initiate V5 and Initiate V4 here).

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Some of the prominent features on Ultrasabers Initiate V5 include: claws and windows in the emitter, a claw-like pommel, and a grenade style grip, all of which come standard with the lightsaber. The emitter and pommel claws are fun and edgy, but consider the claws add a few more pointy places and edges. The claws are rounded off and are not sharp, but if you’re considering dueling or spinning, you may be better off getting the smoother and un-clawed Initiate V4 hilt. In terms of hilt appearance Initiate V5 is more elaborately decorated than Initiate V4.

The grenade grip section adds an attractive texture and easy-to-grip surface. The claw-like pommel complements and balances out the claws in the emitter. Like most other Ultrasabers lightsabers, the Initiate V5 pommel is MHS compatible. Ultrasabers sells a variety of MHS compatible pommel designs. The Custom Saber Shop’s selection of MHS V1 pommels are compatible as well.

The two-piece hilt, comprised of a hilt body and pommel, is relatively short. The total length of the hilt is 10.75 inches long (the taller pommel makes the hilt a bit longer than Initiate V4). The short length of the hilt makes Initiate V5 more of a one-handed or off-hand lightsaber for many adults and possibly a two-handed hilt for some kids. All Initiate V5 stunt sabers and sound sabers use an AV switch.

Ultrasabers Initiate V5 was released in late 2018.

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