Top 6 WEIRDEST Lightsaber Blade Colors You Never Knew Existed

Most Star Wars fans and lightsaber enthusiasts know about common classic lightsaber blade colors like: blue, green, red, or purple. Some fans may even recognize less common lightsaber blade colors like: yellow (Jedi Temple guards), white (Ahsoka Tano) or the notorious black bladed Darksaber. Here are 6 weird lightsaber blade colors you never knew existed.

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1. Bronze Bladed Lightsaber (Star Wars Legends)
Lowabacca, the Force-sensitive nephew of Chewbacca, wields a bronze bladed lightsaber. Freedon Nadd, an Old Republic era Sith Lord, wielded a short lightsaber with a bronze blade.

2. Brown Bladed Lightsaber (Star Wars Legends)
Although no brown lightsabers have appeared in either Star Wars Canon or Legends material, the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game: Agents of Deception (from Star Wars Legends) refers to a brown lightsaber crystal called Bnar’s Sacrifice. The kyber crystal was never used to construct a lightsaber, but would have produced a brown blade.

3. Burgundy Bladed Lightsaber (Star Wars Legends)
Solimon Dambrizi, a police officer that learned he was Force-sensitive, constructed a lightsaber with a burgundy blade.

4. Clear Bladed Lightsaber (Star Wars Legends)
Barab ingot is a rare lightsaber crystal in that produced a clear lightsaber blade that burned like fire.

5. Pewter Bladed Lightsaber (Star Wars Legends)
Raynar Thul, son of Alderaan nobles and friend of the Solo twins, used a pewter-bladed lightsaber during training at the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4.

6. Transparent Blue Bladed Lightsaber (Star Wars Legends)
The Force-sensitive Pix, a Clone Wars era human female, wielded a transparent blue lightsaber.

Image depicts Lowbacca wielding a bronze bladed lightsaber (left) and Pix wielding a transparent blue lightsaber blade (right).

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What do you think is the weirdest lightsaber blade color?

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