5 Types of Lightsabers Couplers

A lightsaber coupler or connector joins two lightsaber hilts together to make a saberstaff or double-bladed lightsaber. Let’s take a look at 5 of most common types of lightsaber couplers. Consider that some of the coupler types can be combined. For example, the Ultrasabers Quick Release Coupler is also adjustable and vented.

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1. Solid Coupler (No Sound)
A solid coupler without any holes or vents is designed for display hilts or stunt sabers (no sound) only. A solid coupler WILL NOT work with sound sabers. Sound saber require a coupler with holes or vents to allow the sound to project out of the hilt.

2. Vented Coupler
A vented or slotted coupler contains a series of windows or slots that allow sound to project out of the hilt. Sound sabers MUST use a vented coupler. Though not required, a vented coupler may also be used with a display hilt or a stunt saber.

3. Extension Piece
An extension piece is a longer coupler that extends the length of the hilt. Some extension pieces may have windows or vents that could allow the piece to be used as a crystal chamber.

4. Adjustable Coupler
An adjustable coupler allows lightsaber enthusiasts to align the buttons and switches on the the two ajoining lightsaber hilts.

5. Quick Release Coupler
A quick release coupler allows the user to easily disconnect a double-bladed lightsaber into two separate lightsabers or connect two lightsabers together without screwing or unscrewing.

Final Thoughts: Coupler Compatibility and Threading
Couplers from one lightsaber company are not necessarily compatible with lightsabers from another company. When selecting a coupler, ensure that the coupler is compatible with your lightsaber hilt model. An Ultrasabers coupler or Saberforge coupler is NOT compatible with Force FX lightsabers, for example.

COVER IMAGE: [No Sound] Standard MHS Coupler (upper left corner), Ultrasabers saberstaff with [No Sound] Standard MHS Coupler (left) and Sabertrio saberstaff with S3 Coupler Silver Black (right)

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