RENEVforge Develops Custom Coupler Compatible with Savi’s Workshop Lightsabers | New Product Alert

The RENEVforge custom metal coupler is designed to be compatible with Savi's Workshop lightsabers.

RENEVforge released a custom metal coupler intended to be compatible with Savi’s Workshop lightsabers from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. The custom coupler, which is not licensed or endorsed by Disney, is designed to connect together two Savi’s Workshop lightsabers in order to form a saberstaff or double-bladed lightsaber. Neither Savi’s Workshop nor any other store … Read more

5 Types of Lightsabers Couplers

5 types of lightsaber couplers

A lightsaber coupler or connector joins two lightsaber hilts together to make a saberstaff or double-bladed lightsaber. Let’s take a look at 5 of most common types of lightsaber couplers. Consider that some of the coupler types can be combined. For example, the Ultrasabers Quick Release Coupler is also adjustable and vented. 1. Solid Coupler (No … Read more

Kyberlight Dual Saber Connector Accessory Review lightsaber coupler (Saberforge compatible)

Kyberlight dual saber connector

The Kyberlight Dual Saber Connector Accessory allows lightsaber enthusiasts to join together two Kyberlight lightsabers in order to create a Darth Maul style, double-bladed saberstaff. The visible section of the two-toned connector is primarily anodized black with metallic silver colored accents around the connector’s grooves and around the each sound hole. Kyberlight currently only manufacturers one connector … Read more

The Custom Saber Shop Extension Double Male with Slots Style 3 MHS V1 review

The Custom Saber Shop Extension Double Male with Slots Style 3 MHS V1

This is an Extension Double Male with Slots Style 3 MHS V1 from The Custom Saber Shop.  This is the third style slotted MHS V1 style of extension pieces by The Custom Saber Shop, featuring 3 large cutout windows or slots. The two other slotted MHS V1 extension pieces from The Custom Saber Shop use … Read more

The Custom Saber Shop Double ended male threaded connector style 2 review coupler MHS V1

The Custom Saber Shop double ended male threaded connector style 2

This is a Custom Saber Shop double-ended male threaded connector style 2 and it’s connector–or a coupler–that is pretty much the same style as The Custom Saber Shop’s MPS pommel style 3 V2. MPS Pommel Style 3 V2 and Double-ended male threaded connector style 2 are nearly identical. They’re both have and outside diameter (OD) … Read more