Kyberlight Dual Saber Connector Accessory Review lightsaber coupler (Saberforge compatible)

The Kyberlight Dual Saber Connector Accessory allows lightsaber enthusiasts to join together two Kyberlight lightsabers in order to create a Darth Maul style, double-bladed saberstaff. The visible section of the two-toned connector is primarily anodized black with metallic silver colored accents around the connector’s grooves and around the each sound hole. Kyberlight currently only manufacturers one connector accessory design.

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The Kyberlight Dual Saber Connector Accessory, which is male threaded on both ends, is vented with a series sound holes. Like Kyberlight pommels, the connector is compatible with many Saberforge lightsaber hilts, but not all. Make sure your hilt is compatible the Kyberlight connector before getting one. The connector is NOT compatible with Ultrasabers hilts or Force FX lightsabers.

I’ll demonstrate the Saberforge compatibility by joining the Kyberlight lightsaber to a Saberforge Exile lightsaber.

Kyberlight Dual Saber Connector Accessory joining a Kyberlight Saber
Kyberlight Dual Saber Connector Accessory joining a Kyberlight Saber (left) and a Saberforge Exile Lightsaber (right)

Kyberlight is a United States base custom saber company. Kyberlight launched as a Kickstarter campaign in 2016.


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