Saberforge Exile Lightsaber Full Review | Champion Viridian Sound

This is a Saberforge Exile, Champion Tier with Viridian sound. It includes one soundfont. You’re able to adjust the volume and mute the saber. You’re also able to adjust the sensitivity of the clashing.

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The illuminated AV switch glows blue and the lightsaber’s blade color is cyan. The hilt, which is unofficially inspired by Quinlan Vos, features black base and a metallic outer shell or shroud in the emitter area along with a red greeblie.

Saberforge Exile is comfortable in the hand and is grip area is smooth with some narrow grooves. My hilt uses a brass Covertec wheel. The pommel can be swapped out with other various Saberforge pommels as well as Kyberlight pommels, which are compatible with this Saberforge hilt model.

The recharge port is located below the illuminated AV switch. Saberforge lightsabers do use kill keys, which are small pieces the cut off or “kill” the power to the lightsaber. In this specific lightsaber, the illuminated AV switch glows blue when the saber is otherwise turned off. Leaving the switch illuminated drains the battery over time.

I purchased this lightsaber second hand and paid under $300 for it, which is cheaper than purchasing Exile from Saberforge. I also received the lightsaber much faster, in only a few days, instead of having to wait months, which is a typical handing speed for Saberforge.

I do recommend considering buying lightsabers from the secondary market, from places like eBay or from lightsaber forums and groups on facebook because you can sometimes get a lightsaber for faster and cheaper than purchasing it from custom saber vendors. On the other hand, the selection of the used lightsabers is limited, the saber is not warrantied, your purchase does not directly benefit the manufacturer, and you need to be careful selecting a trustworthy seller.

Saberforge (Etsy) affiliate link

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