Cancelling an Ultrasabers order

Ultrasabers is not very buyer friendly when it comes to order cancellations, so you want to make sure you’re a hundred percent sure you want the item when you purchase it. That’s a good rule of thumb anyway, but if you make some kind of mistake and you need to cancel the order from Ultrasabers, you’re probably gonna have some trouble and, at the very least, you’re gonna be out some money.

Ultrasabers’ policy with order cancellations is, “All order cancellations will be subjected to a 20% restocking fee”. The 20% restocking fee applies whether you cancel the order within one mile or making the order or one week of making the order. It doesn’t even matter if your order has shipped or not–if you request to cancel, Ultrasabers says that they will take a 20% cut to restock your item. In addition to the restocking fee, Ultrasabers will issue you a store credit, so you don’t get your money back–you just receive store credit. Maybe Ultrasabers will make exceptions, but you would have to ask them directly, but the Ultrasabers website says you will incur a 20% restocking fee and you’ll receive a store credit. Ultrasabers may or may not budge from the restocking fee or the store credit, but you would have to assume that Ultrasabers would not budge from their 20% restocking fee and store credit refund policy.

Ultrasabers order cancellation:
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Have you cancelled and Ultrasabers order? Did you incur the 20% restocking fee?

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