closeup on Saberforge Avenger red thumb screw greeblie

What is a greeblie? | Lightsaber Terminology

Greeblies are small, decorative pieces that add the finishing touches to a lightsaber hilt. Primarily ornamental, a greeblie may or may not serve a function. Some greeblies serve a purely decorative purpose while other greeblies serve a minor function. Although a greeblie may serve a minor function, often a simpler, cheaper or less ornate component could accomplish the same task as a greeblie.

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An example of a greeblie is the metallic red thumb screw located near the emitter area of the Saberforge Avenger hilt. The thumb screw is primarily intended to enhance the design of the hilt. Some thumb screws, though, may also function as a blade retention screw.

A decorative screw is a common type of greeblie, but other small pieces are considered greeblies as well. Bubble strips and clamp cards are other common examples of greeblies, for example. Basically, any little decorative piece added to the lightsaber hilt could be considered a greeblie.

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