REVIEW Starfall Sabers Mystery Saber Steadfast Valor Lightsaber Hilt

This is a Starfall Sabers custom Mystery Saber, a one-off empty lightsaber hilt. Starfall Sabers makes artistic and realistic custom sabers, featuring a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. The company sells many one-off designs like this one along with a small selection of specific hilts (e.g. a Rancor Tooth Saber, Kota the Elder Saber, Kota the Younger Saber, etc.). All of the hilts, which are handmade, have a realistic ‘in-universe’ appearance.

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Since this lightsaber hilt is simply an unnamed one-off, I’m going to give it my own name: Steadfast Valor. The hilt looks a little grizzled and worn from battle, but still ready and able to persevere in a good, clean fight. Is it a Jedi lightsaber hilt or Sith lightsaber hilt? You could make a fair argument for either.

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The black slanted emitter is extremely reminiscent of the emitter for the Darth Vader lightsaber, although the slope of Steadfast Valor’s emitter is not quite as steep. Also, the black finish on the Starfall Sabers emitter is worn off around the top, exposing the metal beneath the black emitter piece. The emitter features a few subtle scratches in the finish as well.

Although Steadfast Valor’s emitter lacks the D-ring that the Darth Vader lightsaber hilt features on its emitter, the emitter does feature a somewhat similar thumbscrew greebie. Moving down the hilt, a few inches of the upper body alternates between metallic silver “rings” and black, horizontal grooves. The section resembles a section on the Luke Skywalker ROTJ thin neck lightsaber.

The middle of the hilt is tarnished in appearance. A decorative activation box extends out of the middle of the hilt. The activation box features a seemingly worn down clamp card on the top and worn down arrows on the side of the box (also similar to the Luke ROTJ lightsaber).

The grip section of the hilt is possible the most intriguing section. The grip section is comprised of a raised metal piece that’s mostly black that appears worn down to the metal, in some places. The grips are sort of shaped like a large capital letter ‘H’ on one side. On the other side, the grips are shaped more like long, raised, stadium-shaped pieces. The stadium-shaped pieces have the most worn down appearance, with only traces of black coloring.

A Covetec wheel is embedded in the middle of the ‘H’ shaped grip piece. The Covertec wheel would enable you to use the hilt as a ‘belt hanger’ or some type of realistic cosplay lightsaber prop piece.

Finally, a vented MHS compatible pommel with diamond knurled edge caps off the hilt. The bottom of the threaded pommel features a distinctive capital ‘X’ shaped cutout.

Starfall Sabers Etsy Store affiliate link

Starfall Sabers is a United States based custom saber maker, specializing in artistic one-off custom hilts and a small selection of specific hilts with an ‘in-universe’ feel.

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