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KR Sabers has unveiled the KRORSSGUARD lightsaber hilt. The custom crossguard lightsaber, which is inspired by the design of the Kylo Ren crossguard lightsaber, is a collaboration between the custom saber companies KR Sabers and One Replicas. KR Sabers is offering the lightsaber as a partially assembled hilt kit capable of accepting electronics installations. KRORSSGUARD is scheduled to be released on May 4th, 2020 (Update: Sold Out).

UPDATE: July 7, 2020 Second Run
KR Sabers has announced a second run of KRORSSGUARD lightsaber hilt. The hilt kit available for pre-order. Pre-ordering closes on August 8, 2020. The hilt is available without weathering or with TFA or TLJ weathering by The Proplicator.

KR Sabers
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KR Sabers x One Replicas KRORSSGUARD Lightsaber Hilt | IMAGE CREDIT KR Sabers

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The high quality and extremely detailed KRORSSGUARD hilt is a CNC and comprised of AL 6061, steel and brass and features an anodized black finish. The hilt features a Twist’n’lock style crystal reveal. The steel side emitter may be optionally heat treated to create a genuine heat stained metal effect.

KRORSSGUARD is about 11.41 inches long from the bottom of the pommel to the top of the emitter face. The main emitter accepts a 1 inch diameter blade and the the side emitter accept 7/8 inch diameter blades. The grip section ID is about 1.25 inches and the grip section OD is about 1.6 inches. The shroud OD is about 1.86 inches. Finally, the hilt can accept a 28mm speaker (or even a 31mm speaker).

The hilt kit includes a main blade plug and two side emitter blade plugs are included. Additionally, GOTH3Designs chassis and ECO chassis, both sold separately, are in development in will be released soon.

KRORSSGUARD kit includes these parts:
x1 KRORSSGUARD DIY empty hilt
x1 main blade plug
x2 side emitter blade plugs
x1 red anodised pommel cap
x4 body wire clips
x1 50cm accurate red wire
x1 15cm accurate blue wire
x1 chrome plated molded upper engine
x1 chrome plated molded lower engine
x1 switch kit (comprise of a clear plunger and PCB for ACT and AUX)
x1 capacitor greebie

KR Sabers website

One Replicas Etsy Store affiliate link

KR Sabers is a United Kingdom based custom saber company, offering empty hilts, lightsaber parts and components, and install services.

One Replicas is a Spain based custom saber company offering empty hilts, including the slimmed-down Super Stunt series, along with a selection of lightsaber parts and components.

Image depicts KR Sabers x One Replicas KRORSSGUARD lightsaber hilt.

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