One Replicas Super Stunt Series Lightsaber Hilts: What You Should Know

The One Replicas Super Stunt Series is a line of custom lightsabers that are character inspired, but slimmed down in order to be a bit friendlier for lightsaber dueling and or lightsaber spinning.

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In general, many custom character inspired lightsaber hilts may look flashy and cool, but are not necessarily practical for lightsaber dueling or sparring. Character inspired hilts are often too large and feature too many jagged or protruding sections. The activation boxes that you commonly see on Star Wars Original Trilogy style lightsabers easily get in the way.

One Replicas decided to develop the Super Stunt Series in order to both stay true to the overall appearance of character inspired lightsaber hilts while making the hilts more practical and maneuverable for real life lightsaber dueling. Not only is the hilt slimmed down, but other hilt features like the activation box, activation switch, pommel, and thumbscrews are also low profile in design.

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Super Stunt Series lightsaber hilts are available from One Replicas as empty hilts only (One Replicas does not sell lightsabers will electronics installed). Super Stunt Series lightsabers and are designed to accommodate a 1 inch diameter blade.

The One Replicas Super Stunt Series currently includes three hilt models:
• SSQy Super Stunt Lightsaber Hilt (a Qui-Gon Jinn inspired design)
• SS-Gf Super Stunt Lightsaber Hilt (a Graflex or Skywalker inspired design)
• SSOb Super Stunt Lightsaber Hilt (an Obi-Wan Kenobi Prequel Trilogy inspired design)

Not all of the hilt designs are available from One Replicas store at one time. SSQy is available in different colors including: two-toned black and metallic silver colored along with solid black, metallic silver colored, gold colored, or orange.

The One Replicas Super Stunt Series lightsaber hilts are also very affordably priced. One Replicas only sells empty hilts (no electronics), but each Super Stunt Series lightsaber hilt is around $100 or less plus shipping.

It’s really neat that One Replicas offers more practical ‘slimmed down’ character inspired hilts so that Star Wars fans can duel and spin with custom lightsabers in the style of hilts of their favorite characters. Although the dimensions of character inspired lightsaber hilts vary from custom saber company to custom saber company, I’m not aware of any other custom saber companies that create slimmed down hilt designs. Hopefully, One Replicas will continue adding additional hilt designs to the Super Stunt Series line.

One Replicas is a custom saber company based in Spain. The One Replicas Etsy store [affiliate link] offers both empty hilts and lightsaber components (e.g. control boxes, switches, greeblies, etc).

One Replias Etsy Store affiliate link

COVER IMAGE: One Replicas SSOb (left) and One Replicas SSQy Orange (right)

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