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The One Replicas SSLk Super Stunt Lightsaber has been released. The custom saber is inspired by the appearance of the Luke Skywalker ROTJ V2 stunt lightsaber and features a slimmed-down design. The One Replicas SSLk is available as an empty hilt kit with anodized black accents and weathering pattern.

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One Replicas SSLk Super Stunt lightsaber (Luke ROTJ inspired)
One Replicas SSLk Super Stunt lightsaber (Luke ROTJ V2 style design) | IMAGE CREDIT One Replicas

Like the other hilt designs in the One Replicas Super Stunt lineup, the SSLk Super Stunt is character inspired while having a slimmed-down design to facilitate more comfortable dueling and spinning.

The SSLk empty hilt kit is comprised of three main pieces: a blade holder, main body, and vented pommel. The hilt may accept a 1 inch diameter blade (thin walled). The main body inside diameter (ID) is 25mm throughout. The pommel is roomy enough to accept a 28 mm speaker (not included).

The flared, bell-shaped blade holder is anodized black in the interior. The kit includes a heatsink (designed for Tri-Cree/Rebel LED and Lens). The hilt main body extends from the grooved grip section (with anodized black accents) to the lower, weathered section of the hilt with an attached conical greeblie with a knurled edge. A low profile control box with a V2 clamp card attaches to the clamp section of the main body. The notched pommel features discreet sound vents on its base.

One Replicas SSLk lightsaber closeup

The One Replicas SSLk Super Stunt lightsaber joins the One Replicas Super Stunt lightsaber hilt line. The product line features character inspired hilts with a slimmed-down design for spinning and dueling.

One Replicas (Etsy) affiliate link

One Replicas is an empty hilt and lightsaber parts store based in Spain. The company sometimes collaborates with KR Sabers on some projects as well.

Image depicts a One Replicas SSLk lightsaber

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