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Tethan Props Grogu’s Lightsaber has been released. The custom saber is an original fan design by Tethan Props. The design envisions what a Grogu lightsaber would look like if the character in The Mandalorian had his own lightsaber. The custom saber is installed with electronics and configured with an in-hilt LED only (no sound). The piece is a display prop and should NOT be used for dueling or making contact.

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Tethan Props Grogu's lightsaber
Tethan Props Grogu’s lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Tethan Props

The Tethan Props Grogu’s lightsaber hilt is comprised of 3D printed resin. The design incorporates several recognizable features including: a Mandalorian visor emitter, Jedi runes, a mudhorn signet in the middle, and a Razor Crest shift knob pommel. The hilt is handpainted a metallic silver color with some added weathering that gives the hilt a tarnished appearance. A recessed activation switch is situated near the middle of the hilt. A leather wrap extends around the lower grip section.

The Tethan Props Grogu’s lightsaber is installed with an in-hilt LED (multiple blade colors options). The hilt is not installed with a soundboard. The 200 lumen LED features 3 light modes: standard, low and strobe. A USB recharge port is situated in the handle. The hilt accepts a 1 inch diameter blade, which friction fits into the hilt (no blade retention screw).

The custom saber includes: the hilt, a blade plug, and a USB cable (for charging the saber). A 92 cm long blade (about 36 inches) is available as an upgrade (shorter blades are available by request).

Tethan Props also sells custom Grogu’s lightsaber 3D files as a digital STL download.

Tethan Props https://www.etsy.com/shop/TethanProps affiliate link

Tethan Props, based in Australia, specializes in custom Lord of the Rings themed lightsaber props. The company makes custom Star Wars inspired sabers as well. The company has been on Etsy since 2017.

Image depicts Tethan Props Grogu’s lightsaber

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