What is weathering? (Lightsaber Terminology)

‘Weathering’ is a term used to describe a lightsaber hilt that looks used, battle worn or aged. A lightsaber hilt can be weathered various ways including: scratching, scuffing, tarnishing, rusting, etc.

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Some custom saber companies, like Saberforge, offer a weathering option during checkout. Vader’s Vault offers five levels of ‘severity’ ranging from Light Weathering to Relic Weathering. Other customs saber companies, like Ultrasabers, do not offer a weathering option at all.

Some people also prefer to weather the saber themselves because they can personalize each scratch, scuff or mark to make the lightsaber hilt seem battle used or seem as if a Jedi or Sith had been carrying the weapon around for most of their life.

Part of the appeal of weathering is the process adds some details and character to the hilt because otherwise many saber hilts look shiny like a new penny. A saber hilt that looks brand new is sometimes called ‘As First Built’ (AFB) or ‘As First Built By’ (AFBB).

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Roman Props MK1 Static Weathered Hilt Kit
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Do you own any weathered lightsabers? Did you purchase the lightsaber weathered or did you weather the saber yourself?

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