Saberbay The Valor Lightsaber (Blank Canvas Hilt) | New Saber Alert

Saberbay The Valor lightsaber, a custom saber, features a blank canvas design favoring DIY customization including: etching, powder coating, leather wraps, weathering, etc. The Valor is available as an empty hilt (chassis included) that may accept electronics. The company offers in-house installation and customization services as well. Saberbay plans to begin accepting orders for the … Read more

Lightsaber Weathering: How Different Companies Make Their Hilts ‘Battle Worn’

lightsaber weathering examples

Lightsaber weathering is a broad term describing a lightsaber with an aged and battle worn appearance. A weathered lightsaber embodies the “lived-in universe” of the Star Wars Original Trilogy where many objects and vehicles seem used and sometimes even worn down. Let’s take a look a several different types of weathered lightsaber styles and examples … Read more

REVIEW Korbanth MPP Lightsaber | Shameem Scorched Weathering

Let’s take a look at a Korbanth MPP lightsaber hilt with custom scorched weathering by Shameem. The custom saber hilt, which is inspired by the design of the Darth Vader lightsaber, is heavily weathered to point of appearing extremely blackened or charred, as if the lightsaber has been recovered from a fire.

Watto’s Collectibles Fallen Order Cal Kestis Saber Released (Solid Display Prop) | New Saber Alert

The Watto’s Collectibles (Etsy) custom Fallen Order Cal Kestis lightsaber has been released. The custom saber, a solid and hand machined display prop, is inspired by the design of the Cal Kestis lightsaber.

ULTRA RARE Electronic Arts (EA) Cal Kestis Lightsaber Replica | A Closer Look

The extremely rare and realistic Electronic Arts (EA) Cal Kestis lightsaber replica is the only official Cal Kestis lightsaber replica ever produced. Only a handful of the lightsaber replicas are known to exist.

Trooper Trent: Luke V2 Lightsaber Paint Mask Stencils and Props | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Trooper Trent, sometimes written as TrooperTrent, specializes in custom Luke V2 lightsaber paint mask stencils and various custom prop kits (mostly non-lightsaber items). Trooper Trent has created a custom Holiday Special Luke lightsaber kit as well. TrooperTrent (Etsy) affiliate link TrooperTrent (RPF) Trooper Trent custom lightsaber paint stencils are designed to help the … Read more

Vader’s Vault Lightsaber Weathering Examples: Light, Medium, Heavy, Savage and Relic Weathering

Vader’s Vault offers an extensive selection of weathering options for their custom sabers, ranging from the nuanced Light Weathering to up to extreme Savage Weathering and Relic Weathering. If you have any questions about the Vader’s Vault lightsaber weathering options, contact Vader’s Vault directly. Vader’s Vault Let’s take a closer look at the five … Read more

Vader’s Vault Relic Weathering Explained

Relic Weathering is the most extreme level of lightsaber weathering offered by the custom saber company Vader’s Vault. A lightsaber with Relic Weathering looks like an ancient antique with a heavily rusted appearance. Vader’s Vault website Relic Weathering make a lightsaber look like an extremely old and neglected historical artifact, as if the lightsaber … Read more

Lightsabers as Artwork: An Interview with High-End Custom Saber Maker Roland Palotai of Rolightsaber


Hungarian artist and lightsaber enthusiast Roland Palotai left a career in the fashion industry in 2006 in order to pursue his dream of building lightsabers. But not just any lightsabers would do. Palotai, founder of Rolightsaber, constructs painstakingly detailed and realistic high-end custom sabers. Palotai sees his lightsabers as pieces of artwork, each with its … Read more

Saberforge Weathered Finish Lightsabers: What You Need to Know

Saberforge weathering

This is an example of a weathered Saberforge lightsaber hilt. Weathering, which broadly defines any method of ageing, scratching, tarnishing, wearing down or otherwise making a hilt look used or battle worn, can take on many different forms depending on the lightsaber company or sabersmith that administers the ‘weathering’ process. Watch Saberforge Weathered Finish Lightsabers: … Read more