What is powder coating? | Lightsaber Terminology

powder coating of parts from The Custom Saber Shop

Powder coating is a dry finishing process commonly applied to metal lightsaber hilts and hilt components. Along with anodizing, powder coating is one of the most common methods of applying a color to a lightsaber hilt. The coating is usually applied electrostatically as a dry powder and cured with heat. Powder coating is available in … Read more

Saberforge Weathered Finish Lightsabers: What You Need to Know

Saberforge weathering

This is an example of a weathered Saberforge lightsaber hilt. Weathering, which broadly defines any method of ageing, scratching, tarnishing, wearing down or otherwise making a hilt look used or battle worn, can take on many different forms depending on the lightsaber company or sabersmith that administers the ‘weathering’ process. Watch Saberforge Weathered Finish Lightsabers: … Read more

Saberforge adds NEW Custom Cerakote lightsaber section

Saberforge Cerakote lightsabers

Saberforge added a category of lightsabers to their website and Etsy store called ‘Custom Cerakote Sabers’. Cerakote is a proprietary polymer ceramic coating that is typically used with items like firearms. In this case, Saberforge is using the coating on lightsabers. Watch Saberforge adds NEW Custom Cerakote lightsaber section on YouTube The Cerakote name is a portmanteau, combining … Read more

Saberforge lightsaber hilt finishes explained: standard, weathered, black and More

Saberforge Exile lightsaber hilt

Lightsaber manufacturer Saberforge offers three very common types of hilt finishes: standard, weathered (a somewhat worn out look), and black. Beyond those three common options, Saberforge also offers several less common options and they all cost additional money, ranging in price from $75-$150.  If you’re pondering a detailed and specific customization, you’d have to request a … Read more